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At times a gal could wonder – what it’s like to stay. Still. For longer than a day. Wonder then say, ‘Narrrrrrrr’. This life! It’s cuckoo, it’s well-travelled, it’s go.Go.Go. Go to where the love is. Where the friends and family are. Where the projects lay; the conversations burst to life, the work gets done and the inspiration happens. Where the huge smorgasbord meals are cooked with love, laughter and craziness (children, dogs, general ruckus) under foot. Where long drives, coffee,confessions, goodwill and winners await. 

Me and the WSL (Wee Strappin’ Lad), are in St. Catharines overnight (where I used to live/went to college). Second night in a row, forgoing the work awaiting me at home, to paint a big ‘ole beautiful tree on this precious sweet girl’s bedroom wall and help to finish put the nursery together. I love her mother, therefore I love her. Plus, she’s a baby. Duh. I’ll do anything. Bring on the ponies. At this 2 night sleepover (with cloth dipes), driven straight from another sleepover in Barrie with our peeps just because. I go through withdrawal from all the things that happen when we are together mentioned in para one. The BSM left after dinner this ‘eve for a gig back home in the TDot, we shall chill at home this week and perhaps stay put this weekend. I have a garden to tend to. When I say ‘chill’ I mean work like maniacs at keeping house, heart, hearth and home, our businesses’ and community work.

Wees just ridiculously busy and have learned to embrace it. Somehow, it all works out. I’m working from a PC because one of our mac chargers burnt out and I am out of juice! Whoa. PC. That’s why the pics are a tad bit fuzzy, not choosing from my own gallery – just rollin’ with it. I’ll post some pics of said bbgirl’s nursery when done along with a little show off of my little guys sweet-ass room. That’s right. It kicks butt. And not in the; a-perfectly-coordinated-pastel-king-of-overly-matching-assiduous-decor-madness-just-went-and-upchucked-in-a-room-way. Nope. I don’t dig it. No offense if that’s for you. Gives this one (me), a lil’ shudder. Babies are cool people too! But before I do, I’d like to share some visuals to feast your eyes upon of recent graphic design/promo work that me and my sweetie did together. If you are into that sort of thing like us nerdie/artsy folk. We’ve really been putting our creative heads together, mad skillz! So my geek art/web guru friends – let us freshies know what you think!


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    alicia 18/05/2010

    Thanks so much for stopping by at” a beautiful mess” today. Your words mean a ton and “Being HUMAN, and having HUMAN reactions to the SHIT life can throw at you is beautiful!” made me smile. Thanks!!

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    […] more local, a little less demanding. Not that we ultimately don’t love Eaglewood and the work we do, it’s just plain too much and the time has come to pass on the reigns. Anyhoo, I ramble. […]

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