Trees & Hooties & Birdies oh my!

As promised, pics of the boys room and Heart’s new baby girl’s room. All wall art, (from drawn stencils) and pillows made by moi. Kitschy doo-dads are treasured foundlings during my thrift store escapades, of which there are many. It’s an addiction. Heart and I have been sistah’s for a long time now. I call her Heart because her last name is Harte and she has wee purple heart tat on her tummy. This is her and I back in the day.

This be art in progress for baby Heart’s room…

Sample tubs of house paint (a small bit goes a long way); were used for a project such as this, along with bristol board, painters tape and stencil brushes. Et voila!

The project spanned into a three day sleepover, because we were too busy playing with/caring for, these cuties:

I have no process shots of my boy’s room, as I was finishing it into the wee hours the day I went into labour! The last thing I was thinking of was to take pictures. I was a woman on a mission. Or possessed (to finish), as the BSM puts it. *smirk*


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    Shelley 22/05/2010

    You have an adorable blog! I love the wall stencils & the baby’s room. Stopping by from SITS to say Happy Saturday Sharefest!
    .-= Shelley´s last blog ..Short Story #5 =-.

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      Selena 17/06/2010

      Thanks Shelly, baby’s rooms are fun!

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    Ruthann 22/05/2010

    Two beautiful rooms!! You are so talented and I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

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      Selena 17/06/2010

      Aw thanks Ruthann, all of these compliments are giving me just the surge of inspiration/energy I need these days to keep it all going!

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    -CK 22/05/2010

    WOW. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cool BEDROOMS! My family is going through a move right now and I imagine what type of house we’ll have in another month or so… I dream of making murals on the walls…. awwwww…

    Way cool, thanks for sharing!
    -your SITSta, CK

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      Selena 17/06/2010

      Thanks CK! I humbly think they are pretty grand if I do say so myself. Murals are not as hard as you think…just gotta do it. If you need some pointers or How To’s to get the project rolling, e-mail me, I’d be happy to oblige!

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    […] is important. We created a space especially for him, with bright wall art, family/friend pictures, a dreamcatcher mobile he adores, books and plush […]

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    […] a nursery. At ANY rate – they will eventually be a sharing a room for the first few years. I had created an awesome space for him at our old house, and I want to create one just as special for both of them in our new home. So. Stencils, sketch and […]

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