Busy day! Y’know that Board I’m on for The Eaglewood Folk Festival, yeah? Today is a busy day for us in that world. Our volunteers are so very important and we love them, so we put on some sort of party for them annually pre-festival. This year it’s a Potluck/Barn Party on a gorgeous farm owned by two other EFF Board Members and home to their company, Living Landscapes. I’ve made two, vegan raw chocolate pies. More on that later…

After that shin-dig, it’s over on to local Pefferlaw tavern; The Belvedere, for a concert. Proceeds are to aid in making such things happen as green initiatives; youth workshops/programming and health & wellness practitioners for our patrons/volunteers performers. Locals and supporters/members to EFF coming from afar expect to be blown away by the, ‘Rockabilly-Eclectic-Punk-Lounge’ of Run With The Kittens; with opening act Rep by Pop for infectious, danceable, synth/guitar rock. Us outdoorsy types…we’ll be camping out on the farm, with our babes/toddlers/big kids, and hot tubbin’ on a gorgeous desk overlooking vast fields of green and calm. With a windmill. I heart windmills. And that picture.

So. I shall close with some ridiculous cuteness/promo for EFF in years past. mmk?

As if that weren’t enough, maybe this will give you a chuckle…

How’s that do ya? O yea…and tomorrow. It’s Father’s Day! I’ve a gaggle of surprises for the BSM, of which he deserves them all. What are you momma’s doing for the pappa’s?

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