Back To The Drawing Board…

So I did not get into the market. Poo Poo. Truth be told, it’s probably for the best as I’d be tearing my hair out to make enough product to sell over the 6 weekends. While it was/is a great opportunity/initiative; I’m not ready yet, in many ways! No dice for market means that I have been taking a really good look at my product and refining my designs to appeal to the ‘mass-market’, not just the lovely folkies.

While I was initially disappointed at the ‘rejection’, I realized that this is the world I have now entered into! Strife with competition and turn down’s.The life of an artist. Especially if what you’re making does not have a strong uniform, contemporary edge. One really has to do their market research, know their demographic and where that demographic buys from. I’m on that train. My market is those of you who prefer one-of-a-kind, customizable goods. Those who believe in supporting small business’ and shopping away from the big box stores. Those who are not brand dependent on how that relates to their success or elevation in society. Those who appreciate the fine art of craft, quality and artisan wares. These pix are what I submitted, a Dreamcatcher Baby Mobile made for the WSL, in complementary colours to his bedroom and wall art.

This month is all about creating more product, getting my Etsy Shop up, doing more research for and compiling my business/financial plan(s), including long-term and short-term goals as well as building up a calendar/contact database of Festies/Tradeshows/Markets. Like this one…

Meet Emma, made for a good friends baby shower with matching Dreamcatcher Mobile (pix of that to come!) She is soft, sweet and loves to cuddle. Made of 100% Merino wool in moss knit stitch, hand-stitched upcycled fabrics and eco fill.

The best part from not getting into the Distillery District Market is that I get to revel in the autumn with my family and friends. I get to take long walks and frequent the many wonderful Farmer’s Markets this fine city has to offer and create warm, delicious, healthy dishes for my men. We get to entertain more and hunker down at home – the summer was so insane with travel and work!

My stove and inventive cooking style calls out to me, stews, soups, breads and all other sorts of slow simmering goodness, here I come! I get to simply sit and play with my WSL. Play and sing and go to the library, join a play-group and give him all the attention and love he deserves. Create an environment rich with tools for his early learning and discovery, an environment where I am calmly present and not stressed to the max with deadlines. There will be some of that, (stress/deadlines), just not ridiculous amounts of it.

Perhaps, maybe, uhm, well; we’ll see if this also means more time for blogging! A not so random me? HA!


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    Lani 14/09/2010

    The little owls are adorable! I hope your etsy shop takes off!

    Stopping by from Sits!

    Please check out my Blog For A Cure Blog Party- it’s a great way to get new followers, win prizes and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

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    Stefan 15/09/2010

    I think that if you like to write and engage others on subjects of which you have some command or experience, then blogging is a wonderful application with which you can interact with people who share similar interests as you.

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