Flank Steak Pinwheels!

Flank steak pinwheels with sundried tomato and caper paste. DAMN SON! This was a meal served up to 2 incredibly deserving fitties and a neighbor who had just eaten dinner, but loves him his meat and these bad boys had his eyes lolling back into his head.

Speaking of fitties, chef at home Michael Smith is too cute for words. (Food net work junkie, aiye, aiye). I mean really. If you like a tall strapping lad with curly locks at just the right length to play with, who can cook like nobody’s business; is a great dad and hubby. If you dig a sweet maritime accent and nerdy tendencies. Yes please! Ahem. Anyhoo. This recipe is inspired by his greatness.


* 1 large flank steak
* 6 slices prosciutto
* 1 cup sundried tomatoes, preferably oil- packed and drained
* 1 jar capers, drained (325 mL)
* 1 tablespoon grainy mustard, 1/2 tablespoon keans or other hot mustard
* 1 bunch basil


1. Preheat your bbq.
2. Lay the flank on a sturdy surface, cover with multiple layers of plastic wrap and start pounding. A wrought iron  skillet or the bottom of a heavy sauté pan will do it. Your goal is to smack the heck out of the meat evenly until it’s evenly flattened and doubled in size, approximately 12-inches long by 8-inches wide. This will take some time, so it’s nice and rolly wrappable.
3. Lay the slices of prosciutto on top of the meat, slightly overlapping them and press to secure them.
4. Put tomatoes, capers and mustard into a food processor and whiz until smooth. Add the basil and continue to puree. Process until the mixture is smooth enough to spread easily,  add olive as needed. Spread this goodness over the prosciutto layer leaving a 1-inch border at the top edge for a seam. Roll from the bottom of one long side, tightly into a 12-inch long cigar shaped log. Cut into 6 or 8 thick slices and pierce each one all the way through with a wooden skewer. Oil your grill, then grill the pinwheels for 5 minutes or so on each side.

These little sinners are so complex and bold in flavour there’s no need for complicated sides. I sliced some baby new potatoes; vidalia onions, whole garlic cloves, drizzles of olive oil and a couple dollops of butter, fresh rosemary, parsley, sea salt and ground pepper in a grill basket lined with tinfoil. Roast it up, tossing occasionally, (left long enough between tosses to allow crisping and caramelizing – but not long enough to burn.) This basket goes on well before the pinwheels, as we all know taters take longer to cook than steak, yea?

A simple spinach or mixed greens salad or grilled asparagus (or both!) pairs well with all of this action. I opted for salad, although the afore mentioned fitties were all about the meat and potatoes. Especially mine, as meat paired with potatoes is not a regular occurrence in our house. I subscribe to try that whole fit for life school of thought, as my metabolism is much slower than the average bears. Thanks thyroid! O, and yes. Please do enjoy. Seriously. It is insanely popular and induces reactions close to shock at how something could be so good, and your guests wonder how they ended up so lucky. They’ll definitely know you dig ’em.

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    Julie 16/09/2010

    Oh wow. This food looks awazing. I am putting this on my list of recipes to try this weekend.

    I too am a FoodNetwork junkie. And I love Bon Appetit magazine. And food blogs!

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