le petit rêve on etsy!

So I’ve finally got my shop up on the lovely online shopping network of Etsy. Etsy is a place where artisans who make handmade goods thrive, support one another and promote each-others business’. With a big-time grassroots community vibe in a hip, trendy yet traditional and professional manner. Serious. I’m quite impressed with the quality of useful resources, handbooks, guides, articles and tech-geek plug-ins available to sellers. I have been utilizing everything they have to offer for success by researching, reading and studying my booty off. Ask me how things are going next year this time.

Please, visit my shop – and in the spirit of the upcoming Holidays, remember to buy handmade! Perhaps I don’t have what you are looking for, another seller does! Spin a record, pour a drink and check out my favourites, or go off on your own adventure without venturing into the dull-drum of malls.

As with the nature of shopping on-line, the waiting time for shipment can be a bother if you are in a rush. So I created these groovy little gift cards on Picnik. Oh my that action is the BOMB! I’ve been making all of my promo material on there and it’s SO user friendly, for someone like me who just. does. not. have. time, to learn Adobe Photoshop right now. So instead of asking my sexy live-in-geek to help me make my visions come to life, (’cause he’s ridiculous busy with his own business) I can do it myself. Now. As long as he sends me the translucent PNG.’s See? I know a little bit. I offer the gift cards in various denominations for last minute shoppers! Many other shops offer them as well.

So. Mamma’s. Pappa’s. Friends and family of those mama’s and papa’s or mama’s and mama’s. Or pappa’s and pappa’s. You get my point. Enjoy carousing through my little shop and tell me what you think of what I’ve got goin’ on. For environmentally responsible products you need, without the hefty price-tag. For one-of-a-kind art, fused into the everyday – into the not-so everyday. From dreamcatcher baby mobiles to decorative pillows and toys, swaddling wraps, receiving blankets. From washcloths to creative word art (coming soon!) and my signature, all natural, ‘Cheeky Bum Salve.’ I specialize in custom orders, one-stop Baby Shower shopping and also offer Baby Registries. All hand-made by me, with tender loving care. Check it yo’!

An ad and giveway I have coming up on one of my favorite blogs for November and December…stay tuned!

Over the next year I will also be vending at various art & craft shows, doing some workshops, hooking up studio space, creating an on-line virtual look-book and creating mail-out packages to start wholesale ordering. Dreams baby. Dreams. Speaking of which, I’m building up my Facebook Fan Page, so please, take a moment to give a click to ‘like’ it. But only if you really do of course. ‎”Do or do not, there is no try.” Master Yoda

Also. To be totally random and off topic. And because I am a giant nerd who loves Halloween. This. Is for you. Well, really for me. (Yes, Picnik. Really. It Rocks.)

The WSL is at g-ma and g-pa’s house overnight so that his ‘ole ma and pa might dress up as Tim Burton’s, The Corpse Bride and Groom and go get a bot debaucherous with some friends. Like that sexy one up there in the pic with me. Oh how I love to put make-up on my man! And he let’s me! Well now he does anyways. Look see! From a couple of years ago, the ‘you want to do what to me?’ To the, ‘oh, yea – let’s DO this!’ To the, ‘wooooork it, woooork it’. To the aftermath.

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    Faith 31/10/2010

    Hi Selena, I am now following you from MBC, Hope you’ll follow me back and grab my button for your site. : )
    Faith´s last blog post ..Some people ruin it for others

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