Watch Them Undead Get Groovy See?

Post Hallowe’en. As if I waited this long to post pix? Just where do I think I am taking this blog anyways? Bad bloggy mama. Bad.

Corpse Bride & Groom. Our Way/ Well, really – my way. I adore that the BSM obliges with me putting make-up on him. Good-times to be had there! As well as at the costume party we attended at one of my best girl’s lovely (spooky!) home.

As for the WSL. Adorable baby owl. Yes, I made it. Quickly. Not too shabby – could have been better, but this momma is B.U.S.Y.

Yes. My child is possessed. Honest. He bit my cheek today and drew blood. Joy. Good thing he’s ridiculously adorable, I adore him and we had a serious moment or two after that one.


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