Peter Cotton-Tail was in the Hizz-ouse.

There was feasting and ceremony and treasure hunts and skype visits and flying chickadees, but above all glee. Glee to be gathered, but missing our beautiful kwe’s.  They have been flying reindeer, making music and a documentary with Adjagas, (courtesy Big Soul Productions and a whack of other talented film peeps), some fabulous Sammi musicians of Norway. However, we were grateful for the miracles of the interwebs, in that Skype allowed them to be a part of our ceremony of re-birth and giving thanks.

I crafted and baked our gifts to wee ones, except for the chocolates for the hunt. Really now.

I cooked all day with some (missing a couple), of my coven and an exceptional young man home from B.C. Thank-you Nicholyn Farms phone in grocery order capabilities and local Barrie Farmers Market drop-off to pick up. That’s some 100 mile love right there.


apricot & dijon glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, mashed yams, lemon & thyme pickerel, honey & mint glazed carrots!

happy chitluns

green beans with seeds and peppers, buffalo bourguignon


We feasted to celebrate to re-birth of Spring and to give thanks to Gitchie-Manitoo for all of her miraculous bounty. We paid homage to, and were humble in our thoughts and expressions of all people of on their different paths of faith and spirituality. As my wise elders truly want(ed) us to remember; there are many ways .

I must not be held too responsible for anything I may or may have not said in the above video. Sometimes I’m silly and naughty. *GASP!*

We stayed up late and ate lemon meringue pie making treat bundles (eggs and chocolates). The women hid the goodies inside, while the men(?) took far too long and enjoyed way too much, the hiding of the goodies outside.

We hosted a sleepover of epic air-mattress-tom-foolery, wrestling, Rock Band, wild abandonment. Child/Teen/Babe head count: 6. Adults, (this title is questionable) left to their own devices: 2. WhEEEeeeeEEeee!

love shines brightly

my boy learning about smudge & sweetgrass

newest word in the WSL's vocab: chocolate

We entertained and encouraged wild activity and pure joy in simple ways.

We had ceremony to expel any pent up struggles or sadness and to voice what we are truly grateful for. In the healing comfort of our circle – the power of our voices being heard by a wise heart and mind is very powerful. With smudge of sweetgrass (kindness) and fire we cleansed and honoured.  With medicines of cedar, sage and tobacco we made bundles to silently gather up our innermost thoughts on personal improvement and prayers to those in our family/circle/community.

We joined hands in a circle, touching bundle to bundle, palm to palm – with the fresh, cold, wet earth beneath our bare feet. Bending down low to touch down and thank Mother-Earth for this life, this world – rising up tall to shout with all the power of our voices, shouting out in magnitude. It was all nothing short of bliss. Exhausting, all of my senses maxed out; bliss.

So that’s what we did this weekend. After it all, our new, not-yet-finished home looked like 20 jacked up Peter Cotton-Tails had storm-trooper style; wreaked havok on it. We’re still recovering in certain physical ways, but in the after-math; feel soulfully rejuvenated and blessed beyond imagination.

Here's what the WSL has to say about it all, however late - we're still reveling in it.

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    Pia 05/05/2011

    That Spring feast looks fantastic! Wrote a little something about our blanket on my blog! Check it out! :)

    Pia´s last blog post ..Pocket Review- Le Petit Reve

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