Where, Oh Where

Have I been? Painting, painting, painting. Designing kitchen islands and fireplace mantles, unpacking and organizing galore. Not to mention working on my new spring line, making application deadlines for summer fall and Christmas artisan shows and taking on a new contract as the ‘social media maven’ (?) for Borealis Records. Yes, the WSL in in daycare part-time.  Going on 2 weeks and he LOVES it. I am not that kind of super-woman.

We may not have done ‘hard-core’ reno’s…but yea. It’s been quite enough for us! Phew! (Not to mention the actual pack, move and the un-packing which can’t really be done till the painting is done, all with a toddler under-foot, WHEEeeeEEEee!

All new floors, ripping out walls, putting them up, painting EVERY.SQUARE.INCH. Oy. Vey. I never, ever, ever want to paint kitchen cupboards, closets, bathrooms, ceilings or a brick fireplace again. Ever. Totally worth it. But never again. I will hire someone. My dear sweet BSM has had a horrible case of bursitis of the knee. Pretty extreme in fact. So he of course, has had to take it somewhat easy. If it was not for this amazing tigerlily woman, we would not be in such a state of progress over here. It has eased up now, which is good, but of course it was at it’s worst when we were in the thick of it.

But. Oh my. Our home. It is really starting to come together. No one room is entirely set-up, we have functionality and boy is that nice. So no full-on ohhh and ahhh pics yet. For nearly nearly 2 weeks we were eating A LOT of take-out while the kitchen was getting finished.

In the land of the WSL however – we are experiencing technical difficulties. Err, that is to say, he has begun waking up throughout the night again. Fun stuff. We are inclined to think that it’s teething, because he’s always been a night-time teether – but without any other signs (fever, drooling,  etc.), we don’t really know for sure that’s what it is until a the next day, or a few days after restless nights till one or more teeth pops up. It could also be his new environment/bedroom. At our old house he had an amazing set-up and we haven’t gotten to his room yet, so I think he’s missing his wall art and dreamcatcher. So this weekend his room is next. On another note, the poor little guy has this recurring diaper rash that is quite nasty. We have done everything! Watched his diet; taken him to his pediatrician, gotten a prescription, tried herbs and natural solutions, lots of naked time, VERY frequent nappy changes…all to no avail. We thought we had kicked it – but then it reared it’s ugly head again. So. The thing of it is…the 1st round of this rash came about when we were in the middle of moving and Wyndham was staying over at his g-parents a lot. They prefer disposables so that’s what he was in for about 2 weeks during all of the mayhem.

To be honest they kept the moisture wicked away better overnight, which really seemed to help aid in the healing process. As soon as we went back to his cloth diapers, it came back again! And worse. It is painful for our little sweetie and however much I may want to continue cloth diapering for obvious environmental reasons, my son’s health and comfort is first. So we are back on disposables while I research the heck out of other cloth diapers, on the look-out for super duper over-night ones that work just as well as disposables at wicking the moisture away from his tender tooshie. Any ideas/words of advice from you momma’s out there would be greatly appreciated. Until then, we still make sure to always make time for this:

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