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Custom orders seems to be where it’s at these days for me and my little Etsy Shop, here are some pieces I’ve done recently…

This fabric combo has been popular. Mix of soft vintage & organic flannels, backed with organic fleece by Michael Miller Fabrics. The softest I've ever touched!

Folded Detail

Underneath The Maple Tree...great for indoor/outdoor use.

I must be having a girl...although to be fair, as I said, I just make what gets ordered!

2nd custom quilt ordered last week, same fabrics - different layout.

I can admit that making the plush owls are my favourite thing to create. This customer wanted super feminine flair with pink & purple colours in the fabric. It's also my favourite when customers give me creative control over picking the fabrics ;-)

Close-up detail of the eyes & stitching.

Complete order: 2 extra large organic flannel receiving blankets, (soft! serged with matching pink thread) cheeky bum salve & plush hootie!

Ruffles! & felted daisy button detail with wooden button.

Whoops! How did I pop up in here? Oh, right. It's because I am ridiculously good looking.

Driftwood mobile - whimsical & rustic, these chirpies & hooties dance beneath a beeswax treated driftwood bar. Made as part of a custom baby layette package.

Plush hedgehog made to compliment the above mobile and quilt below.

This customer chose all organic fabrics from Michael Miller, Cloud9 & Birch Fabrics!

Bamboo & organic cotton jersey swaddles, as you can see - matching the rest of the goodies.

The Works - made for a beautiful expectant midwife! Any day now...

Since so many of my orders have been coming in as custom, I decided to create some Flickr albums showcasing all of the fabrics I have in stock. (Organic, vintage, 100% cototns). That way I can just direct inquiries over there when peeps ask to see combo’s and selection! A gal can’t post ’em all up on Etsy – too overwhelming for all the shoppers. Only for those who are fabric hungry.

I’m excited to have more time in my studio coming up – as the new house is finally coming around to being done (for now – heh heh). We actually have been hanging pictures over the past week! Small wonders. A post with some pics on that to come. Although I do have this new gig over at Babble writing daily (Mon. – Fri.) on their, ‘Being Pregant’ blog. That shouldn’t take up too much time, right? Speaking of which…I’ll be at the Barrie Eco Fest through June 11-12. How many blankets, mobiles and plushies do you think I can whip off in the next week and a half on the days I have to myself? (3 a week + nap-times during the rest). Good thing I have a big box of salves made…

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