Our Birth Plan

This baby is comin’ in but a few short weeks or so (6?). ‘Official’ due date being Aug. 1. So i’m fine tuning our Birth Plan, and NO – it’s not our Holy Grail. We know things could go down other than planned, I’m aiming for a natural birth again (this time in the water), even though I had an epidural last time. But you can read more about how I babble about the Birthing Process and how it’s as unpredictable as frogs fangs and hens teeth, over here.

The Mills – Burgess Family Birth Plan – Yes, We are a Hypnobirthing Family

Mother-to-be:  Selena                        Partner:  Trevor

Support Person(s):

Trevor Mills (partner)

Banakonda Kennedy Kish Bell (Elder)

ShoShona Kish

Due Date:  11/13/09

Midwives:  Sarah Wolfe and Cheryllee Bourgeois

Place of Birth:  Sunnybrooke Hospital

Birth can be a beautiful and natural human process.  We may not know the exact day or week our beautiful baby will arrive, but we are planning for a water birth, home-style in the hospital. A calm environment with music playing, candles burning, supporters, midwives and elders nearby and strong support for and from both Mom and Dad.  We recognize that if the unpredictable arises, we will work with the advice given by our midwives (and doctors if need be), to ensure the safe delivery of our baby.

We have embraced the truth that birth is normal, natural and healthy and I fully trust my birthing body.  We feel empowered with the knowledge that birthing belongs to all three of us and will enter the birthing with that empowerment.

First Stage (Labor):

  • Dim lights, calm environment, music playing
  • Birthing pool ready and filled with warm water
  • Selena in her own clothes
  • Vaginal exams kept to a minimum
  • The room will be smudged
  • Trevor to ‘tend the fire’ – keep tea hot and ready, food for those present
  • Selena to maintain mobility (walking, rocking, up to the bathroom, etc)
  • Eat and drink to comfort
  • Pain medication not to be offered
  • Selena and Trevor to work on relaxation techniques together (breathing, focusing, etc)
  • Hot or cold packs ready as need be
  • Intermittent Monitoring (ACOG Standards) with a Doppler.
  • Trevor massaging Selena
  • Acupressure
  • Lobelia, Ginger Root, Skullcap, and Motherwort Tinctures used by midwives and/or elder as they see fit.

As Birthing progresses – thinning and opening phase

  • Staying connected – Trevor’s reassurances, quiet music, breathing, calm
  • Listening to Rainbow Relaxation CD and other music we have chosen
  • Staying well hydrated, frequent trips to bathroom
  • Surge breathing during surges
  • Visualization
  • Body positions (lateral, back, tub, sitting/squatting, hands & knees/polar bear

Birthing Phase

  • Baby descends and emerges from Mom’s natural expulsive reflex (NER)
  • Using natural methods to encourage birthing (walking, herbs)
  • Recognizing need to change breathing pattern (breathing down)
  • Selena follows lead of her body, quiet and calm during surges
  • Prompting only by those chosen to participate in birthing ceremony
  • Choice of position (as above, and also Slanted J, Leaping Frog, Supported Squat, Leaning on Furniture or Birthing Companion(s)).
  • Using supporters for leg support
  • Local anesthesia (if need for repair)
  • I would prefer no episiotomy, but please use compresses, massage, oils and positioning.

Baby Arrival/Bonding

  • Delay the cord cutting
  • Trevor to cut the cord
  • Baby is put quickly on Selena’s abdomen or chest under a warming blanket for skin to skin warming contact with Trevor nearby
  • Breast feeding only
  • Welcoming Ceremony and song from elder
  • Another smudge
  • No circumcision
  • Oral Vitamin K to be used if available; if not, delay injection until after baby is acclimated.
  • Delay use of Erythromycin or other salve for babe’s eyes to allow optimal sight for bonding.
  • Please use the soft blanket we have brought between baby and scales.
  • Footprints made in baby’s birth book.
  • No pacifiers or glucose water
  • No separation of Mother & Baby

In the Event of Cesarean Birth or Other:

  • Spinal/epidural anesthesia
  • Partner present
  • Midwives an d support persons present
  • Screen lowered to view the birth or mirror
  • Free one hand to touch the baby
  • Partner to cut the cord
  • Breast feeding in recovery room
  • ONLY if ABSOLUTELY necessary

Sick Baby:

  • Breast feeding as soon as possible
  • Unlimited visitation for parents
  • Handling the baby (Kangaroo care, holding, care of, etc.
  • If the baby is transported to another facility, move us as soon as possible

We thank you in advance for your support and kind attention to our choices. We know you join us in looking forward to a beautiful birth.

From the Baby’s Perspective

Oh boy, I can’t wait to come out and meet my goofy and passionate parents.  I keep hearing music playing from my Dad singing with his friends and with Grandpa.  My Mom is going to try to be calm and relaxed during my birthing, so there won’t be any need for me to get agitated.  Her body, with which I’ve been in such close communion these last nine months, will do what it needs to for me to emerge safely and without peril.  I’m trusting of my midwives and doctors to be there me or my mom is in trouble. I’m amazed at the perfection of the human body.  Man, you should see what it’s like in here.  I can see the muscles of Mom’s uterus and know that they’ll be strong and work just as they’re created to.

I’m sure Mom and Dad will be playing music when I’m getting ready to arrive, so I’ll have something for my ears to tune to during the passage.  It’s going to be cold when I first get out there, so I want to be put right next to my Mom’s warm body.  I want Dad to be there too and he can cut my cord.

My entry into the world is aiming to be free of drugs, but mom doesn’t have to be a hero. She has chronic back pain and fights the good fight. I definitely don’t want any metal instruments poking up into Mom and grabbing me and pulling me out unless absolutely necessary. When I arrive and my nose takes in the first scents I experience, I’ll smell the familiar tones of sage, cedar and sweetgrass.  These will be calming to me. Mostly, I just don’t want it to be a negative thing. No undue drama please. Don’t tell my Mom that I’m causing her pain. I’m not. I’m entering the world with joy and enthusiasm.

...The Earth Turned, The Moo Pulled & Then, with a PUSH! You crept out of the dark quiet where suddenly you could hear, a circle of voices singing, with voices familiar and clear. (From, On The Day You Were Born, by Debra Frasier).


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    Jennifer 12/06/2011

    Ciao beautiful Mama. What’s smudge? Great birth plan. Hope your back is feeling better.
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Part of the Tradition

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    […] We had our weekly visit/check-up with our midwife today and went over our Birth Preferences. […]

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