Brotherly Love [Out of Hand Adorableness: Video]

With such a small age gap, ( between Abigail and her bro, I had my worries.) Uneasy about the changes to be thrust at our young lad, really still a baby himself (21 months). Anticipating jealousy, vowing to make sure I made the time for him that he deserves. Newborn or no.

Seriously. How Could He Resist?

While we’ve had our moments – our little man has weathered the ruckus, (colic due to reflux) with immense awesomeness. That is to say – he has shown us all just how compassionate, open and loving his young heart is.

Abby is obviously enamored with him, she lets him fumble around her and tug on her lovingly to no end. This may end soon, but for now she looks at him with bright eyed wonder. See for yourself and be prepared to grin. You won’t be able to help it, I’m willing to bet this mighty fine, frosty cold lager I’m savouring on it.

The BSM comes home on Sunday, holy toledo we’ve, (I’ve) missed hime. And not just for taking out the garbage and doing the dishes. Damn, but I have a man. Farmer’s Market early in the morning yo’ – night night.

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