It’s a Girl! Introducing Abigail Mills. Blog Roundup & Pictures.

Middle name(s) to be established. You can read more about that here.

What an epic couple of weeks! It began with having a baby. A girl! Yay! Ruffles! Vintage dresses! Another female in the house.

Phew. Now we’re all on even playing ground, which, clearly – is necessary. For the sake of all boobs and neighbours involved.

It then continued with the WSL having the nastiest, most contagious virus ever. It was awesome. Yep.

I’m not going into a full tale of my Birth Story, as I’m saving that to pair with the video (it’s a documentary I said!) the BSM and I are working on.

What The Heck Yo!!!!!!!

You can get some of the deets over here, and here…until then, stay tuned! Yesterday I continued my journey with Babble from their, ‘Being Pregnant Blog’, to ‘Baby’s First Year’. Stop by and say hello!

Some bits of our life over the past few days…

Morning Cuddles


Simple Joys

Simple Joys


Yo Gabba Gabba Morning (saves us all)

1st Pony Ride (not so much)

Fun House Whee & Wow

Sleeping Beauty

Whoa Dude...

I'm Adorbz. I know.

I'm Adorbz, I know.

Morning After Labour

Hello World!

Daddy's Girl

Also? Im doing some rebranding and tidying up here on my blog and with the business. Because I have time for that. Mmhmm. You are going to have to hold me to the fact that I will be posting a heck of a lot more around here from now on. Seems I’ve something good on the go.


  1. Reply
    Jenny 08/08/2011

    Great round ups and beautiful photos of your family! Congratulations on your new baby girl Abigail! She look very precious and tiny. I bet her sister is very excited on her. :)
    Jenny´s last blog post ..Cable Kansas City

  2. Reply
    Ravit 09/08/2011

    Welcome Abigail :) Your smile after labour is beautiful just like your family! thanks for sharing
    Ravit´s last blog post ..Colors for small rooms

    • Reply
      Selena 25/08/2011

      Awe, thanks – what a lovely comment :-)

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