Murderous Mondays

While I may not be dead (yet), I most definitely feel it. No amount of coffee, or vitamin D or smoothies can save me. Except maybe the Fedex man. He can make me smile.


Although not as much as this smaller man.

He LOVES his DAD. He's so happy to have him home.

Or this tiny girl. Her feet even.

Nom. Nom. Nom.

So now that I’ve procrastinated over here enough, due to an immense sense of being overwhelmed, I shall get back to it. I’m almost caught up on custom orders, and will no longer be doing custom orders with LPR. I may, if you send me chocolate, wine and/or a mechanical foot to bounce my baby with your wish list. (In her chair, not on the foot people.) I mentioned a few posts back that I am rebranding my online shop and working on my look-book.

Much market research later and agonizing about choices, September will bring less variety of items in my shop, all ready to ship product and solid photography flow. That is to say, no more cutesy speech bubbles – all simple, quality shots at interesting angles. Also? I’m waiting on my product tags. Things are getting serious around here.

Another decision made in the LPR world is that I will only be doing 4 big shows a year as a vendor and hitting hard with online sales and setting up some wholesale accounts with choice boutiques in the Toronto, GTA and southern Ontario area. To start with anyways. Look out for some tweaks here on the ole’ blog too. My shows of choice so far are Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival Craft Show & Sale, (I got into this one, having applied ages ago – Yaya!) Spring BabyTime Show, Christmas City of Craft and Spring One of a Kind. ( I missed the app deadline for 2012, damn but they make the deadlines way early! It’s the corporate world of handmade. So I’ll be on the look-out for another show in the spring that will be worth my time and money.)

Summers are too busy with the BSM touring with the band he plays in and with two littles under 2, I shan’t be traveling in a VW camping all over yonder as a crafter at every Pow Wow and Fair there is. A lifestyle that some very talented/artisan mamas may be able to handle, not I. Besides, I have this whole writing thing on the go now. There’s 2 conferences in that realm I hope to add to the mix of travel next year, (Blogher and Blissdom) and am seriously brainstorming on this pretty fabulous idea I’ve concocted as of late. (To do with the writing, Moms and #NativeAwesome). That is all I’ll say for now on that one.

So. Back to my other work. A momma can only cram so much into one Monday with a nube at her breast, even IF the other is at daycare. Even if.

My peepers are on fire.


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    The Hook 01/09/2011

    Fantastic title!
    Great post, too!

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