The Babe, She Sleeps. At 1 Month Old Today!

The BSM is away on tour. This video of their Tom Foolery during a Robson Valley mudslide has some to do with their musical talent but all sorts to do with their plain awesomeness.

My adorable, amazing, edible WSL, (OMBuddha I’ve missed him) stayed at the g-rents for the past 4 nights so I could still get some work done with all my impending deadlines. It’s the longest he’s been away.

I barely scratched the surface on all of the LPR work there is to do. Something to do with a newborn and preferring to cuddle and take long walks with her. (Bye, bye 17 pounds of my 60 pregnancy McFatty suckers). Nearly all of my stock ordering is done for the Fall season, (oh the fabric DELICIOUS-ness). Sneak Peek of only a fraction of what I’m getting below.

Anika Collection - by Monaluna Organic Fabrics

Holy smokes I still have a lot of product to make for this show…coming up right around the corner. I’m slightly ahead of the game because I had a moment of foresight and intelligence to hire my kick-butt, multi-talented friend to prep from bunch of my patterns and designs, (material cutting) for quilts. Lookit me. Patterns and designs. Phht!

More importantly though, my amazing, diva-esque baby girl Abigail turned 1 month old today!

I wrote a piece on Babble about it, with a slideshow of adorable pictures from her birth until today. Check it out if you like that sort of cute thing. Uhm, if you don’t – you must be dead inside. Also, if you don’t like kittens or musicals. Dead inside. I think I may have said this before. Or perhaps just in my brain-world.

Either way I’m obviously babbling, (no pun intended, even if I am a profesh at it) and in dire need of some sleep. So ima gonna go and get some of that. Lil’ Abner permitting.

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