Abigail’s Birth Vlory

Like a birth story, but in video. What? I’ve been doing the parenting thing on my own for the past week with an added 2 more kids to ours (who really have been more of a help than anything else – older kids who have been raised well rock my world!)

So excuse me if I am creating weak analogies about blogging and vlogging and birth stories and birth videos. Can someone also please tell me why my adorable (heck, but she is ridiculously cute) baby girl has gone from having 1 daytime to one evening solid sleep (like 2 or 3 hours) to only sleeping in 20 min. intervals? Please, dear sweet buddha, why? My eyes are burning out of my head and the walls/floors feel mighty floaty most of the time. Vertigo is the new norm.

Honey, if you are reading this…OH MY. I hope you are using this time on the road to sleep in…or sleep, something like maybe more than just falling asleep only to be woken again. Anyhow – I really don’t want to blather on anymore about my non-winning in the sleep department. How many times can I say that word. Oh but my, how I want it. Ahem.

What this post is really about? That little (long-ish really, in the vlogging department, according to some) video down there. I finished (with my incredibly novice video editing skills) it over the past couple of days. Behold Abby’s birth story – in a video. Lil’ Abner turned 2 months old yesterday, and while it’s been a wild ride to say the least (so far the bit about what ‘they’ say regarding girl’s being more challenging, I’m gonna give a hells yes in agreement to)..so while there’s all of that…peoples? I am in love.

If you  would like to see some current shots of our diva…head on over to the Babble’s. She’s starring in slideshow over there. After checking out my mad movie-making skillz yo’. Please note my incredible openness at sharing one of the most intimate moments of our lives with you from me in all of my less-than-complimentary disheveled appearance (read: double chin, zero make-up, difficult birth choices), to one of the best days of our lives. So please. Be gentle.


Did you make a birth video? I’d love to see it if you did! We need to share these moments, as mothers, as warriors who fear so much. The birthing process is as unpredictable as it is old, and we all judge each-other/put pressure on ourselves – far too much. So link up!


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    Sara 06/10/2011

    Your video is absolutely beautiful. It looks like you were surrounded by so much love and that is certainly the most amazing environment for a baby to be born into. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

    I have not made a video…but I do have my birth story written on my blog.
    My Lucy just turned 4 months old and I still think about my birth experience each and every day. Giving birth sure does have a way of turning your world inside out and upside down in the most incredible way.

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    Nikki B. 22/10/2011

    What a sweet blog. I think it is so cool that they allowed you to smudge in the hospital. I bet it really helped you out Such an adorable baby. I am glad you are enjoying the journey with your little one, and that you took the time to do a video for her.

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    […] Abigail’s Birth Vlory (A vlog, yo’) […]

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