Bloggy Tweaks & Chevy Quilts!

Things are hustle and bustle around here and I am nothing short of a multi-tasking queen of ferocity. At this exact moment I am typing one-handed whilst pumping some dodosh (milk), for Lil’ Abner. No point in wasting the tiny pockets of time I have. Speaking of which…other larger amounts have been dedicated to product assembly. That’s right, I have a line going and shit. It feels good. I’ve put so much work into my business, I can’t quite describe to you how much awesome it is to get in my studio and whip things off.

I’m getting ready vend at my first big-time show come Thanksgiving weekend, followed by my winter debut online. I’m even (finally), collaborating on my look-book. I may get a few wholesale accounts yet. Come December I’m hoping I got into this show. I applied a while back and now I wait on the mighty jury. It’s one of the biggies, kind of like One of a Kind, but less corporate. (Yea, I missed the deadline – plus, I don’t like their, ‘you can’t participate in another show for like 8 weeks within a 1000 mile radius of ours’ – clause). I might be exaggeratting, but not by much.

I’ve listed a few things in my shop, like this:

Organic Herringbone & Fleece Lined Crib Blanket with Gingham Ruffles. Click for more info & pics.

& her…

Lovers in a dangerous time. (You can't stop the geek yo). Click here to learn all about Winston & Juanita's torrid affair.

But not much until after the Thanksgiving show.

In other exciting quilt and fabric nerd love news – I’ve been having a huge hard-on for all that is chevron. Except the part where one has to pay out the ying-yang for it via Target and in the end it’s crap quality and in design anyways. It may be a trend that I am following, but only because those chevy zig-zags are so darn attractive. Anyhew, today I designed and constucted some chevy quilt templates. I know how one would traditionally quilt chevy-esque zigzags. Time-consuming = me charging properly for my time, to actually, y’know – make money at my job. If you know anything about my products, part of my mission is that I wish to provide beautiful, eco-consious pieces for babies and toddlers without the hefty price-tag. Hence my own version of chevy quilts, without sewing itty bitty triangles together and all that jazz.

Here’s one template I’m about to use for the WSL’s toddler sized quilt (with matching curtains!)

Epic awesomeness about to commence wherein my sewing machine wets itself.

And  another simpler (wider zigzag strips = less sewing time) one with these delicious organic fabrics by Birch. I love me some VW, cedar trees and large polka dots. In orange and turquoise no less. Backed with silky soft Michael Miller domestially made organic fleece. These bad boys are going to fly me thinks. (Hopes).

Pure Perfection.

O yea! What do you think about the few tweaks and plucks made around here? I’ve been house-keeping on the ole’ blog courtesy my fantastic man. Currently welcoming feedback from the pros! And now, to make dinner. My little man got home and I’m hungry for some toddler cheeks as my app. Nom.


  1. Reply
    Dory 22/09/2011


    You are doing this all kinds of right m’dear. Can’t hardly wait for the finished pics.

  2. Reply
    Selena 22/09/2011

    Thanks mama! Neither can I…now for that darn fleece to arrive.

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