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Full on into the swing of things for Christmas over here. That’s right, Christmas. As many of you know – I’m a retailer of sorts. In that I am a full-time artisan who mostly sells on-line via my Etsy shop. Come the holiday season, the beginning of spring, mid-summer and fall, I do some shows. I’ve refined (shall we say), my involvement from the hot-mess of shows I did last year. Ah, I was such a newbie to the crafting world then! Still am in many ways – but know enough to surmise that the constant vending life is not for me. Not with 2 littles under 2.

So. I have a wish-list of shows that I want to do yearly, and that list is small. To be honest quite a few of the smaller, less organized shows (however amazing to be a part of from purely an artists’ perspective), are a lot of work with very little pay off. I have bills to pay, mouths to feed and staff to pay. Simply put, it has to be worth my time and money. And then some. I need to make a profit. Crazy talk for an artist right? Well, that’s how I roll and I’ve been inspired by enough entrepreneurs – artists amongst those – to know it can happen. Hard-ass, mofo work, but possible.

Apji Gwenaajwang – ‘The Very Beautiful Things Show‘, curated by Thunderbird Arts is one of those shows. It’s held annually at the historic Gladstone Hotel in Toronto and am I ever proud to be one of the chosen.

As a self-taught, emerging fiber artist, quilter and illustrator, I have developed my skills through practice and as an eager abecedarian of my Anishinaabe elders. It has been a great goal of mine to provide First Nations arts, crafts, languages, ceremonies, traditions and teachings as a gift to be passed on to our children and shared with other cultures – without the appropriation of simply following a trend in design or fashion.

To be welcomed by my community, respected and asked into the fold, is of the upmost honour. The Gladstone is a stunning landmark venue and I can’t wait to take in (and do some of my own Christmas shopping), the beautiful creations in art, fashion craft and design from such cutting edge Anishinaabe artists as David R Maracle and Sage Paul. Those are just a couple, the rest you can check out here.

Where & When?

This weekend! Nov. 18-20, 12-5pm daily. There’s an opening reception Thursday night, of Ancestral Teachings: Contemporary Perspectives. 6pm – 10pm on the 2nd floor gallery. This art exhibition actually runs right through until the 30th of November, with different artists from the Very Beautiful Things Show.

Without the generous support of The Gladstone Hotel, Miziwe Biik and The Ontario Arts Council, this show would not exist. I, for one, am truly grateful for their support.

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