Tour of My Holiday Home

Welcome. Mayhaps you found your way here from the Babbles, as I peaked your interest and you wanted more. More Holiday Home Tour action. Because that coffee and Bailey’s I told you to pour yourself is not quite finished and if you’re like me, you find small pleasure in A. Christmas and all things decor related and, B. Pilfering your time away on the internets 2 days before said holiday C. Drinking bailey’s during the holidays. ICed or on coffee. (I should be the Holiday spokesperson for Bailey’s with the amount that i go on about it. Seriously. Uhm, hello Gilbey’s of Ireland? Or Diageo? I’m right here. I’m your woman for 2012.

Anyhoo…behold! My nerdly, blitzed out splendour…

First Nations Crafted Ornament Collection: Nutman Elder in a Canoe ;-)

Wyndahm's First Self Crafted Ornament! (With a Little Help).

That's Right. It's Cartooney Us.

Wyndham's First Ornament From 2009! He is Bear Clan, Hence the Bear Paw Drum.

Mah Tree!

Sunroom Entrance

Nutcracker Watch

My sweethearts. The best decor items yet.

Bows Belong Everywhere

Miracle of 7th Varden Crescent


Attack of the Baby Reindeer

About to Whip an Ornament at Daddy

Passed Down From My Mama...a Little Worse For Wear & Me No Care.

First Nations Crafted: Little Nutty Santa

Made For Me By My Polish Step G-MA when I was a Little Girl. Which is a Story For Another Post.

OMG Shoes

OMG Tranny Fish Who Loves Shoes

Playroom Tree

Shiny Balls

Smiley Baby

That’s it that’s all loverlies. Now go wrap your brains out or whatever it is that you gots to do. Just remember to enjoy the Holidays if you can and ignore all the crazies. (You know, your extended family).


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    Jennifer 24/12/2011

    Way too cute. Your children have stunning eyes, just like Mamma. Make more, make more.

    Totally dig your sunroom entrance! Happy Holidays.

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    Helen Brittin 11/01/2012

    As Charlie Sheen puts it, “WINNING!”

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    […] Tour of My Holiday Home (Because I love Christmastime and there are pictures of the siblings! Together! Not crying!) Cancel reply […]

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    […] in Uncategorized Because it’s that time of year. Fresh off the cookie, chocolate, decadent, savory / sweet train. Aka: the holidays. As you may know, I am a firm subscriber to the mantra of moderation. Which means that when it’s the holidays? One indulges in (not vacuums up – but it happens), the treats, the fat-laden savoury goodness that is celebratory, feast and entertainment cuisine. G’won, go for it. I did. That and fatty mc-fatterson Bailey’s too. […]

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