Wee Wears

We’re a motley crew over here, which includes our wears. Try as I might, I cannot resist the pull any longer to begin a weekly small style post. Because really – little threads are just so darned cute. I also love taking pictures of my children, so. I guess I should have hopped on the band-wagon long ago.

As usual, late to the party – I arrive. Here’s my favourite ensembles (on Wyndham & Abigail), from this week.

Abby is wearing a dress made by Prairie Mama Designs  from an upcycled t-shirt via Sara Sophia, purchased at Blissdom’s Handmade Marketplace. Kim (maker of said dress), has this genius idea really – wherein the customer send her an awesome t-shirt they can’t bear to part with and she makes it into a delightful romper! Vintage mukluks gifted from Digging Roots. Organic cotton  long-sleeved onsie and stockings via H&M Kids.

Wyndham is wearing a flannel plaid shirt by GAP Kids, thrifted. Levis jeans, thrifted. E=mC2 organic cotton t-shirt by Antimatter Quasi Science Apparel. . Socks from Joe Fresh.

*Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated any which way to feature any of these pieces. I just like to dress my littles and dig sharing my mostly thrifted and/or hand-made threads. When and if our family is outfitted with something to promote, you’ll know all about it and it’ll only be something we (I), truly adore.*

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