4 Sleeps Till Mexico: Baby,Toddler & Family Checklist

Whut whuuuuuut.

Lately I’ve teetering on this edge of a precipice leading to doom. The kind of doom that smells distinctly of burning. Or rather burn-out. Which is why I can barely contain my anticipation to borad a plane bound for the Riviera Mayan. It’s our first vacation as a family of four. It’s the first time the mister and I have ever ben to an all inclusive resort together. So thanks sister-in-law for having a destination wedding!

Packing up for a week of sun and sand with two littles is no easy feat, that which I can more or less glean. We’ve packed up our van many a time fore more local road-tripping, camping or touring with the mister with his band when accommodations and locations allow. This trip however – logically calls for some extra special organizing and planning. Which should all start from a list, right?

Lists are shiny, golden paths to success. For those who don’t know that…y’all get with the program! So, this shall be my own personal list that I share with all of you momma’s out there who are about to embark on a similar journey with smalls in tow.

Top 10 List Packer For Those With Littles: By Land, By Plane, By Beach

  1. iPad, iPhones and MacBooks. (We’ll also be working ever so slightly. Thus, the life of a an entrepreneur. There is no such thing as a true vacation.) Also? Straight up not gonna even pretend we’re going to make crafts and sing songs the entire time we’re on the plane or in the car. Big ‘ole, yea right!’ To that one. On that note, earphones.
  2. Clothing for the littles: Lots of onsies for Abby, sundresses and rompers. Lots of shorts and t-shirts and tanks for Wyndham. A couple pairs of socks for each and a couple pairs of p.j.’s It’s stinkin’ hot in Mexico this time of year, so most nights they’ll be sleeping in nothing but a dipe. 1 pair of kicks and sandals for Wyndham. SUN-HATS and swimsuits. 1 hoody or sweater, 1 long sleeve and one pair of pants/leggings for each of them. Just in case. Abby’s moccasins and sandals. Abby’s hair accessories. If I forget them she’ll be seriously peeved. All 10 months of her. Their wedding outfits.
  3. Clothing for us. I dont need to go into too much detail here, just aiming for coolness and comfort, with a modicum of style and enough knickers to last the week. I’ll probably need an embarrassing amount of time to pick out a few shoes/sandals. Not a whole bag of them like I did when I went to Blissdom. Ahem. (It was a small bag. Sayin’.) I should also remember our swimsuits, and our stylin’ straw sun-hats. No, they don’t match.
  4. Toiletries. The regular stuff and above all else: natural sunblock for the kiddies, our face and body sunscreens and aloe vera gel – just in case. I always pack toiletries in big ziplock bags to avoid disaster. I’m sure there are some properly nifty zip up bags for this action, which I don’t need to wander around finding at this point in time. I still haven’t found a dress for the wedding. The mister and I are the hosts. Need dress now. Whatever hair accessories/product I deem necessary to keep my soon to be frazzled and curly au naturel beach fro looking sexy, wild and hawt. That’s what I’m going for.
  5. Ergo carrier and a sling. Absolute must haves. Slings are so thin, they barely need any packing room – and are the fastest, coolest (less fabric), choice in baby-wearing. Minimal support = great for short wearing time. The ergo is best for longer wearing periods and also sports that dandy sun cover.
  6. A few favourite (small) toys and books. Also, crayons, markers, stickers and construction paper. A travel craft kit containing some pipe cleaners, a small glue, washi tape, some popsicle sticks, small pop poms, feathers, a few sheets of tissue paper, a couple of bingo dabbers, macaroni, string and toddler scissors. We’ll miss the paint for the week, but something tells me we’ll be just fine. The resort we are staying at has a toy rental system and an awesome Fisher Price playroom. Plus, you know – we are on the Mayan Riviera! Hello!
  7. Diapersswim diapers and wipes. Lots of wipes. Enough for the week. That’s right, you heard me – disposable diapers. We are a cloth diapering family at home and when on vacation sans washer and dryer? Hello disposables.
  8. Ready-made bottles for our time traveling, (Abby), water for both and milk for Wyndham. Wyndham has his own thermos for his drinks and according to TSA Standards, we should be all good. Additional liquids needed for babies and toddlers may be packed in checked bags. For a full list of guidelines, click here. If you’re looking for even more additional information on flying with baby food and milk, I found this article informative and helpful. Having a medium sized soft cooler bag that will fit everything to keep it fresh is key, so yes, I have one of those.
  9. Night light and duct tape (for taping up cords and covering outlets in our suite). Candles, smudge, and our mini Boombox portable speaker.
  10. Snacks, baby food, etc. We have a few staples that I am not sure of whether or not we will have immediate access to. For example, avocados (have every nutrient we humans need!) and bananas are like calming magic food – especially with a tired or low-sugar wailing toddler. Our other top staples are PC organic rice husks and their fruit/veggie soft and chewy snacks. These will be key for lift offs and landings to keep little mouths working to ward off ear pain, which I myself am susceptible to. We don’t really need to worry about bringing pureed baby food for Abby, she latched on to baby-led weaning at around 8 months and hasn’t looked back. We are aware that the food at the resort probably won’t have the organic fruits and veggies we are used to – so we will just roll with it.
There could be a number 11 on this list…a stroller. I am not sold on bringing one at this point. Everyone is saying yes, so perhaps I should listen. It’s just that Abby loves to be worn and our stroller will just add to the stuff we need to check in, lug around etc. I would really appreciate your advice on this subject. There you go! I’m asking for advice! Have at it!

Check me out. Aside from the stroller thing, I think I have it all figured out. You can laugh at me now or later, I’ll not know the difference. (Unless of course you comment, and tell me something I’ve forgotten about, which you should totally do.) This is one of the many reasons why the internets rock, and also because of this….

This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month, and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories (projects/ideas/etc) with you over there! Stay tuned for more details!

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    Jennifer Avventura 25/05/2012

    Great list of things to bring. Don’t forget a sweater/hoodie for the plane. Planes are always cold, even in summer and most airlines now charge for a blanket.

    Medicine for upset tummies … it is Mexico after all! I’ve been to a few all inclusives and the food is not the greatest. I always brought things from home to snack on if I didn’t like the looks of the evening meal.

    Also, a recent photograph of your children, preferably alone. This is in case they get lost or heaven forbid …

    Maybe I should change my blogging niche to babies (even though I don’t have one) … Congrats on working with Disney Baby, you deserve it!

    Have a super duper time and I can’t wait to see your photos!
    Jennifer Avventura´s last blog post ..Cleaning House at My Sardinian Life

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