31 Things I Love About You

A day of dread is now a day of celebration.

Father’s Day.

This, an open letter, for all that is wonderful in my small life and so very different from that of parts of my childhood. I used to think that patient, gentle, happy, good fathers were a rarity. Ones that are ever present, right down to dirty diaper changing and late night rocking? Unheard of.

Perhaps that’s the way it is in some other peoples worlds. More-so the dirty, sleepless duties parts.

Not mine. I’m a lucky gal all over the place.

It would seem that no matter how much I used to think I didn’t deserve much more in relationships than what I had been witness to during my childhood; weird, challenging and awesome love? It found me. I didn’t go on ardent search for it – but surely, I did a lot of work within myself before it happened. And I’m still not there. The work is constant, the road is weathered and blossoming and I find myself rolling off into ditch somewhere at times, but still.

When it all comes right down to it – within this great unknown, my own imagination could not have dreamt up a better father for my children. Or partner. For all of our struggles, there is a connection, an acceptance and a passion (however dormant it may lie at times in the wake of newborn after newborn); that makes us solid. Even when we quiver.

It is said that the baby and toddler years are incredibly hard on a relationship. Sure.

They are also part of the glue that keeps us all together. Not all of it – because that would be sad really. No one should ever work to be and stay in a relationship for the sole, ‘sake of the kids’. But the honey of a toddler’s mind and a baby’s adoration is a predominant part of our little hive, my friends. The rest is up to us, to ensure that our sacred commitment; of grandeur and love, never fizzles out. And if it does? To know there will always be embers glowing, just waiting for me/us to get a little dirty at striking them back up again.

Okay, so enough with the metaphors. What I really want to share on the internets, with Father’s Day coming up and all – is a pictorial list of 31 things I love about him, as a father.

#1. He is my nerdly counterpart, sufficiently weird enough to procreate with.

#2. His joy and light makes up for all the darkness.

#3. He makes us laugh with his antics and goofy behaviour.

#4. He’s a hot bass player. #Duh

#5. & Uke player.

#6. & Singer songwriter, who will pass down his love and mad skills for music onto our littles.

#7. He was more than present for both of our children’s births. A strong and supportive coach, who helped guide me through with love, patience, grace and humour.

#8. Basically, he loves our children and I like no other. He is not just a husband. He is a true lover and true friend. He is not just a father. He is a true role model and a true Daddy. (Photo by: Melissa McCauley)

#9. The love he has for each of his children is distinct, special and powerful. (Photo by: Melissa McCauley)

#10. He’s a sexy baby-wearing mofo. Don’t mess.

#11 Time and time again. Aslo, drop kick to the heart, with all those eyes.

#12. Not only does he BW like a boss, but he can multi-task like a pro whilst doing it. Now, if only I could get him to see that it works when doing chores as well…

#13. If ever we find ourselves stranded on a deserted island or decide to live in the bush – he could so provide for us. Survivor styles. Either that or he’s a really good sport at doing things he hates. You decide.

#14. TMI: He’s excellent at making babies and thinks he’s all done with it. Time shall tell. (Photo by: Nadya Kwandibens of Redworks.ca)

#15. Our kids are safe with him. Always, no matter what.

#16. He has walked the floors with our littles countless times in the middle of the night and is a badass cuddler.

#17. He loves to sleep with his children and pretends to not like wee little dogs. #caughtredhanded

#18. There’s not much else he’d rather be doing than hangin’ with his babies.

#19. He asks random starngers to take our picture. Photo by: a stranger

#20. He continually aims at teaching our kids the true meaning of what it is to be a good human. Don’t mess. Photo by: Aengus Finnan

#21. He is a kid at heart, who loves kids, even those who aren’t his own and keeps them entertained for hours. Which is why I don’t think #14 is such a big deal. ‘Sayin.

#22. He loves to take them adventuring and can handle anything the weather throws at us, with a smile on his face.

#23. Cuddles for them, love eyes for me. Dudes, take note. This is how it’s done.

#24. He can handle epic poonamis and doesn’t always try to pass them off to me. Stated with this picture because that is exactly what happened directly preceding the taking of this picture.

#25. We’ve got a Daddy’s Little Girl situation over here, like boom, like WHAM! Like POW! Which, given my track record, this in particular makes me swoon.

#26. He comes from good stock.

#27. He has passed this good stock down onto our children.

#28.. He loves and respects his momma and is not afraid to show it. He passes such values onto our little ones daily.

#29. He isn’t afraid to get a little dirty, has no qualms helping with chores (with some gentle guidance), and will do ridiculous things for me when I ask. Such as serving topless all day on Mother’s Day. Don’t worry Big Daddy, your time is comin’.

#30. He works insanely hard to provide for us.

#31. & lastly, you might as well know; he’s in the famous band HUGG, which means we may have our own reality show one day. Truth. (Photo Credit: David Newland’s art direction and Kerrin McNamara’s photoshop skills.)

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