On Making Time

For the mommas and the pappas.

Seems nearly impossible. We are too tired. We are too busy. We are constantly in the thick of it: work, house and home, babies, toddlers, chores, repeat. It’s endless. And wide open. I’ve been on a slow and steady remembrance of this everyday. To not get caught up in the stress of the endless, but rather live the dream of the wide open peace. Wild, crazy, young family, peace. Not all peace has to be tranquil and quiet. But, sometimes, it should be.

To create a home filled with joy. Where we create moments, hours and days that flow more than they crash. Some would say this should come naturally. And sometimes yes, it does. But also? It’s hard work people. Sugar-coat I won’t. 

I’m not trying to get all Dalai Lama on myself, (or you), but the dude is obviously onto something. I could continue to snicker and settle into sarcasm and take on a woe is me attitude, but that’s been done. It’s so tiring, really. I think I’d rather do less, so that I can do more. Just what is it that I am working so hard at anyways? My career? Taking care of my family? Loving them? It’s eternal, the lust we have for more. In the meantime, our babies are growing and they’re watching and they’re feeling and we’re creating memories here! For them. For us.

A higher quality of life. Let us live it.

I firmly believe that a huge part of this equation is taking time for oneself, (I’m not talking to myself here, you too momma reading this!) and together as a couple. I know finding reliable childcare is difficult. I’m still looking. If I were honest with myself though, I haven’t tried hard enough. If we want quality care, for the occasional night out together, we’re going to have to work at finding it. Which means taking the time to do it. Huzzah.

Life is just like that. As with attaining anything worthwhile. I know we are just coming out of the haze of all that is newborn-dom, while riding high on the wild frontier of toddler-hood. This is what we wanted. What I prayed for. So long as we make time for more this:

The happier together we shall be.

Aaaaaaand breathe.

Because there will be legos underfoot, constant food bombs under the dining room table and a daily little person meltdown or two. Supreme amounts of awesome reside in all of those cracks, trust me.

This post is sponsored by Disney Baby. I’ll be joining the Disney Baby blogging team next month, and look forward to sharing these kinds of stories (projects/ideas/etc) with you over there! Stay tuned for more details!

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