How We Do What We Do (Hot Nerd Alert!)

The mister left for Norway (yes, with the band – Digging Roots – he plays bass in) on Tuesday. It was a crazy haul, (36 hours of travel just to get there, yikes!). Of which resulted in his luggage arriving but not his 6 string bass. Lost in Europe somewhere. Why do airlines suck so bad, semeingly specializing in loosing/damaging musician’s instruments? Please, lovely readers – send our fella all the good vibes and prayers you’ve got; in having his electric baby blue safely returned to him. Preferably in time for the gig.

What kind of gig do they have all the way over there you might ask? One of the coolest ones, ever. Performing at the the largest and world-reknown International Indigenous Festival Riddu Riđđu, is a big honour. Indigineous acts from the world over perform at this fest, taking place during the arctic summer in the Sea Sami village of Olmmáivággi. The festival includes music, stage art, literature, children’s program, Northern People’s program, youth camp, film program, courses (work shops), seminars, art exhibition, market (bazaar), indigenous houses and much more.

How I wish we could have gone with. A preposterous idea, but still.

But totally worth it, me-thinks. He’s in the middle of the tundra. With reindeer. Staying in his own little cottage on stilts right on the water. With a sauna in the bathroom. C’mon. In the land of the midnight sun. I hope he has black-out curtains.

As glamourous as that all sounds – it takes a true road-warrior to jettison around as a musician and a strong heart to leave one’s babies as often as he does. Everyone is on double-duty, me at home with the babies and he on the road keeping up with his ‘other work’.

There’s a six hour time difference over on the side of the world, which makes our regular routine of iChat, Face-Time or Skyping rather difficult. So we make each-other videos. Below, is a wonderfully cute and nerdly example. This was our morning brekkie entertainment. Hey honey? We respectfully request something longer next time, perhaps with a song and story included. (This, from your boy.)

Wish us all luck, until we are together again!


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