I’m a passenger early this morning to rock, water and misty fog. Travelling to the beginning of a journey I have only dreamt about.

And so begins the next chapter in my life as an Anishnaabe kwe.

I’ll be camping out in the bush for a few days to attend Midewiwin Summer Ceremonies. I’m putting my secondary footprints onto reclaiming my culture and inherent spiritual beliefs.

The Bridge To Freedom (Wasauksing Reservation Camp Grounds)

I’ll be away from my babies and the mister for this time and look forward to the day that I can bring them with me to ceremonies. For now, the journey needs to begin with me so that I can share my knowledge and my culture with my family and pass traditions and teachings to my children.

I have the opportunity to walk in my full power as a woman, as a mother.

I have 4 blank journals with me and my camera. I’ve just arrived at my camp spot, right on the water. BLISS.

Until the next.




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