Woman Down

Ice Pack Blues

Granular and hard to focus. That image portrays, in part, what’s going on around here. It’s times like these that I kiss my iPhone. Because iPhone’s…and their fantabulous appery (yes, it’s a term), reign toddlers in. Times like this, where I am flat out on my back…with a torn trapezius, and heavily strained rhomboidal and supraspinatus muscles is when I need iPhone appery in all of their gloried ways. Especially when who knows what is oing on with my lector scapulae. Nothing good though. That much we know. What the heck are those? Back muscles my friends. Pretty major ones.

Without getting into any more details, I shall let you in on this. The mister is home sometime after midnight (tonight) and I’m pretty sure I’m going straight to the hospital to be poked and prodded (as per my massage therapists instructions who took me in today, helped me crawl up on to her table and proceeded to administer her magic. Which usually, is enough – not today. Not with this.) and fused full of beautiful, hard-core drugs.

That’s right, I’ve been on my own with the littles from whence my back started to combust  (this past Sunday) and if not for the help of my most awesome babysitters and neighbourhood community, I don’t know how I would’ve made it through the past few days. I’m talking woman down of the highest proportions. Brush teeth? Not if I have to lift my arm. Pick up a toddler? Drive a vehicle? Jezzes, bloody hell. All things I did this morning which caused everything to come to a screeching halt. The part where my body started to seize and shouted at me, NOT THIS. NOW, YOU HAVE TO STOP. THIS IS SERIOUS AND FOR GOOD MEASURE, THIS SEARING NON-STOP PAIN SHOULD BE A CLUE. NO, IT”S NOT GOING TO DIMINISH OR GO AWAY. That’s what my body yelled at me.

So I had to stop. Let other people do the everything. Odd thing that, for someone like me. I have found some brief reprieve in at least being able to write, with the babies now asleep and I propped up in bed chair. Rolled pillows huddled in my nooks and crannies like drill sergeants and ice packs nuzzling by upper back, water by my side.

Right now as I type my left hand is going numb, and my ice packs have both fallen off – a sure sign I need to stop hitting keys.

Updates tomorrow. One day I’ll get back to posting all the good things on here. One day.

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