a Year in the Life of Abby

Remember that video I was talking about a while back? The one I was going to make featuring some of the best snippets (digitally captured at least), of Abby’s first year on planet earth?

Well I finally got around to finishing it. You’re welcome aunties, uncles, g-mas and g-pas! And yes, you too – dear friends of the internets. A baby’s 1st year is quite the entertaining, darling and most amazing wonder. Truly. I’m especially partial, being that she’s mine…

Featuring the musical stylings of Al Green, (No One Like You – Lay It Down), but of course. Have I told you that story yet? I don’t think I have. I should get on that. At any rate, suffice to mysteriously say…the preacher is considered THE MAN. The DUDE of all DUDES around these here parts…


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    Arianne 28/09/2012

    She is SO sweet. I don’t know how you ever stop kissing those faces! Loved this, darling.
    Arianne´s last blog post ..Small style: Wedding edition

    • Reply
      Selena 09/10/2012

      I don’t. That’s how! (ever stop kissing their faces).

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