Enter The Singer Songwriter I Fell In Love With

Look! It’s that bearded bass player dude from the band Digging Roots! This is how I remember him from how we met…when he was strumming his guitar, a stranger sitting across from me singing songs with lyrics to make you melt or laugh in earnest at their dark and ballsy ways. (Which, as you will note, dark and ballsy this song is not). Many thanks to our friend  David Sheffield for shooting the video!

This video was taken recently, a mere few weeks ago, catching Mr. Mills doing something he doesn’t do all that often anymore, since he became a hot bass god and all. And to think I missed it all, while I was away at Midewin Summer Ceremonies. I was sad  that I didn’t get to go with them to The Eaglewood Folk Festival with them, alas this seems to be happening a lot these days, too many options on our calendar. Trev was the Artistic Director for this sweet little festival for a few years and I was on the Board. Do we miss it? We haven’t really had time to, now have we? We definitely love this small but noteworthy fest in the woods.

I’ve been told that our babies were in the audience, enchanted and quiet as mice. Which explains why ever since I got back, anytime there’s a dude’s voice on the radio – Wyndham informs me that it’s Daddy.

He’s definitely star-struck, and who can blame him? He’s so used to seeing his Daddy as a bass player in a funky, rock and blues/roots band. This folkie, singer song-writer stuff is what kids really like, apparently. Pluck them down, all hot and wired-up, in front of a dude with a guitar and you’ve got quiet little adoring fans. Apparently. Or maybe it’s just mine, watching their real life, everyday Hero.

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