My sister in-law …(well, officially…not really. Someday – when we decide to officially get hitched it’ll be all officially official for ya). As I was syaing, my sister-in-law….

She turned 40 this past weekend and we had a grand weekend of family gatherings coupled with somewhat debaucherous shenanigans. The mister and I racked our brains on what to get her for this momentous day. It didn’t take long before it struck me. Wedding pictures.

I was her photographer and I knew that she hadn’t gotten any printed yet, never mind framed and mounted on her walls. So after some time editing and cajoling the folks over at Blacks to help me pick the best frames (the even framed them!) we were only about a half hour late to her dinner party on Friday.

Which is pretty good considering we got it all done on a work-day, whilst packing up for the weekend with our babies in tow and driving 1 1/2 hours to the restaurant. Not too shabby at all.

Here are some of the pics I played around with and decided on getting printed. We put together 3 collages for her and she cried, so we won her Birthday. You can see the rest of the New & Improved? Edition here.

Dirty Phototgraphy Confessions

I love photography. Many of you know this. Confession? I don’t work the full power of my camera. Meaning I don’t fully know how to operate it. Meaning there is much I have yet to learn about digital photography. I know the basics, but not nearly as much as I want to (or should in my profession). Apparently I have a good and eye and some good luck with the lens. I don’t even know how to use Photoshop.

I know.

The horrors.

It’s true.

These are things I so wish to remedy, as photography is truly a passion of mine – but where to find the time? I must carve it out for myself somewhere. Editing photos with Picmonkey? Shame on me! And not shooting in raw? Just what is my problem right? So to those of you who call me a good photographer, now you know. It’s all a facade. Well, sort of.

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