Sick of Feeling Blue

If you’re someone like me, who struggles with felling like that – then you NEED TO HAVE THIS ALBUM. Music is a powerful tool in healing;, in learning, in experiencing joy.

It’s not just about a party. (Which, as many of you know – I have no qualms against. I love me a good party). It’s just that I’ve mainstream media shines this shallow light on music. It lifts up the kind of popular music that may have a good beat (arguably), to get your booties shakin’ (again, have no qualms with this, I love me a good booty shake) to the masses.

And fuck, we buy it. We eat that shit up. Well, not necessarily me, or probably not even you – but the point is, that a vast majority of people must have a hankering for rather crass (also, far from a prude, just to be clear), over-hyped, over-sexualized, void of much poetry or any real sonic revolution…music.

I really didn’t want to get deep into a rant about the shady business of the music industry. So I’m going to stop right here, I’ve barely scratched the surface anyways.

The point I’m trying to make is that while the world may not totally suck at not recognizing truly great music, or the power that music can have in every avenue of life…often, we are missing out on so much.Nothing like music can feed your soul, open up your mind, dance upon your brain and flow throughout your body to get it moving or render it peaceful and still.

I know I’ve found a REALLY good album when there are so many levels of genius going on within each song…lyrically, sonically; sating my desire for dirty funky beats, or soft and serene melodies which let the poetry shine. And words. Words that make me think, make me smile, inspire me to write. Grooves that intertwine and lift me up to dance with my babies and pass on my love for music to them.

This album is that. You want this album and you don’t even know it yet. Blackbirds Are Dancing by Danny Michel. (You should probably pick up Feather, Fur & Fin while you’re at it).

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