Babies Are Weird

Mini Oddballs
It’s true. Those of you with these mysterious little nuggets know exactly what I am talking about. In my quest to conquer all that is baby-strange I’ve devised a brilliant plan of parenting counter-attacks…

Except not really.

The best I can do is share what I’ve noticed to be the top oddities, equally adorable as they are strange. During the early years in parenting you have two choices. Either wither and melt or laugh and suck it up. And love. Always love. Even when it’s really (REALLY) hard, the loving is easy.

Visit me over on Disney Baby for some of those laughs I’m talking about. If you are like me, you could probably use some more of those. Because really, us adults are the biggest oddballs of them all. I have it on good authority that’s what babies think too.

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