verbal warfare?

On the internets and in real life; ‘good intentions’ are not anyone’s justifiable shield against honesty. Or even criticism.

If a person says or does something
offensive, who cares whether you meant it or not? Good intentions aren’t some fucking invincibility spell–they don’t make you immune to honesty or having to suck up to the consequences of your actions.

I’m tired of constantly having to muster up grace, patience, kindness and understanding in the face of ignorance. Those who refuse to even TRY to understand themselves…

I’m not so sure that exhibiting such virtues is the best (sincere) stance to take in discussing heated, sensitive subjects. I’m loosing faith in that path. Sometimes, I just want to hit racism, misconceptions and cultural appropriation in the butt, with intelligible force and vigor. Not this tippytoe shit.

It’s just so exhausting. All of it. Everyday. The constancy of privileged people shaping the world we live in, what our children are taught….it’s all become this huge, barbwired maze to me.

If you published it, be prepared for the consequences. We’re all adults here, aren’t we? (Arguably).

I feel mired in the politics of my work right now. From having to choose between my job and voicing my true and authentic voice. Having to use kid gloves around the offensive, the privileged.

These harsh realties are bringing me down lately my friends. I’m digging deep in trying to figure out how to stay real, stay zen in it all.


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    Arianne 25/10/2012

    Oh friend. You have grace with me, and you are so grace-filled, I know this is hard for you. I’m sorry things are happening that are so hurtful. I wish I could make it better. xoxo
    Arianne´s last blog post ..3 ways to wear a silk scarf

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    Selena 26/10/2012

    Are, You know I’m not referring to the likes of you. You are not coming from a place of hate or condescension. You are not completely closed off to learning new things, truths that might make you feel uncomfortable and question so many things you have been taught. It’s not so much that hurtful things are happening. Or even that I myself am the one who is constantly offended. I have a pretty thick skin. Perhaps I’m more pissed off than offended. I’m just tired is all. Tired of the outlandish misconceptions and disrespectful trends paved by the way of ‘good intentions’. Working in what we do…I’m surrounded by it everyday. Overwhelming at times.

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