Avocado “Mayo”

Avocado Dressing

Why avocado dressing – or rather, avocado mayo? Because THIS. Why wouldn’t you put this on your sandwiches, salads and all other things that you would consider putting mayonaise on? Because it tastes delicious. I put it on a simple coleslaw recipe and I’m telling you, it was the BOMB DIGGS.

avocado mayo ingredients

Ripe Avocados

Dont’ worry about a few brown spots on your super ripe avocados. It matters not. You’ll be blending this up, so. You know how to scoop and cut avocados, right? Do that!

Diced Avocados

Fresh Lemon Juice

Squeeze up ye some juice of 2 meyer lemons.


Choose a deep vessel (less splatter when hand blending), to start putting your ingredients into. Add in your sea or kosher salt, herbamare, pepper and lemon juice. (Lime would work excellently as well.)

Avocado Dressing in the Making

Yogurt? In. Mashed and minced basil? In.

Organic Coconut Water

Surprise, surprise? Coconut water. Oh yes – IN. Aaaaand blend till creamy. That’s it. You’re ready to replace your mayo with this sweet action.

Finished Avocado Dressing

We ate it on some sexy coleslaw action (as I mentioned), with marinated and bacon wrapped elk steak medallions, grilled balsamic, sea salt, pepper and coconut oil asparagus and sweet potato frites. Summer grilling my friends. Oh hells yes. Less mess, tasty goodness: come to mama. Simple slaw recipe coming next.

Sexy Coleslaw


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