Easy DIY: Repurposed Plant Table

Easy DIY: Repurposed Plant Table

It’s taken 2 years, 2 spring, summer and fall seasons; to actually USE our second floor balcony. There are 2 reasons for this. One, being that I was a tad bit over-protective in letting my little ones actually step foot out there.

I read far too many headlines about babies and toddlers falling to death or serious injury. That such a thing could happen in the blink of an eye. In the presence of any of us, not just neglectful parents. Which is how I rationalized my irrational fears about our balcony.

Then I grew up as a parent a little bit. As in I’m slowly becoming a less obnoxious helicopter parent as the years go on. So this year? This year we’re actually enjoying this space. I’m just not letting them out there by themselves…

That second reason? It had much to do with the fact that we only just bought this house 2 years ago, on top of having two kids back to back and the slow process of renovating and adding furniture to the inside is all our budget had room for. Still does. So instead of buying new stuff I’ve been scouring the thrift stores (but not you, NAYE YOU Salvation Army), for gently used or salvageable items that I could repurpose into something lovely.

The pillows you see in that picture are from my couch back in college. I pulled them out of storage instead of buying new ones. I spray painted our (very old), wicker chairs a bright and glossy white. The plant table is my most favourite, most recent addition. It was once rusty and worn. I saw it’s potential and the ease with which I could quickly freshen it up and give it a brand new look.

Me and spray-paint are thick as thieves. I LOVE me some spray-paint. I dream about the different projects I can take-on involving spray-paint. Just so we’re clear on the spray-paint front.

This DIY was as easy as pie. As long as you use primer. Primer is your friend. GET THE PRIMER. Do not skip this step when spray-painting something if you want it to actually look good.

MATERIALS: (including ideas for planters, plants, etc.)

  • Second hand tiered table. Can be wooden or brass and glass, they made a ton of these in the 70’s, I remember my mom having one similar. You’re looking for good bones here. As in still sturdy but in desperate need of a face-lift. I mean, I bought mine for $5 on one of the weekly 50% off days at Goodwill.
  • Spray paint primer (read the label, you want one that works on metal/wood)
  • Spray paint (your colour of choice, again – choose one that works with metal and/or wood. I have a thing for varying shades of retro aqua)
  • Various thrifted pots or vessels from the kitchen and home goods areas of thrift stores that fit your aesthetic. A flower pot is what you make of it, ya feel me? I used over-sized brandy snifters and crisp white planters I was lucky enough to find over the years, (I got the snifters a couple of years ago). I found the metallic planter more recently and the only new items are the mason jar solar lanterns, the mini ceramic air plant holders and of course the plants. I’m not really into annuals – I’m more of a perennial type gal. I like to bring as many plants into the house as I can during the colder months. A couple of the succulents you’ll see below, I’ve had for years!

1. Wash everything down well and good and let dry out in the sun. Choose a still day, wind is the devil when it comes to spray-painting. WAIT at least 20-30 minutes in between coats. I find that spray-paint dries faster on metals than on wood. If you don’t wait, you’ll get drips and runs and spotty business.

2. I used a plastic scrubby and castile soap to get as much of the rust off the glass pane inserts as I could. Worked like a charm. As you can see I spray painted something else that day, a thrifted wall mail organizer. to match the light plates in our kitchen: brass.

3. That’s it! Now you get to tinker and putter with plants and knick knacks. As you can see, I need two more plants.

I am now on the hunt for a second-hand wicker love-seat to spray paint to match the chairs and some sort of coffee table.

Until the next. XO

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