When Pancakes Alone (With Some Simple Tweaking) Make For The Perfect (Easy!) Personal Birthday Cake!

I could have made this a leaning tower of pancake cake. I really had to stop myself from doing so. After all, Abby turned 2 (yesterday) – not 10.

However, I think I’ve hit the jackpot with this one. This simple, healthy recipe for coconut, spelt  flour pancakes has made the transition into a decidedly awesome way to celebrate our children’s birthdays on a busy weeknight. A new tradition for us. When they have a big party coming up and this mama is taxed for time prepping for said shin-dig. We had some green smoothies on the side and called it a night! All the food groups were covered and I didn’t feel one ounce of guilt over feeding my kids something sweet and decadent for their birthday. There is enough of a focus on eating healthy around here!

Instead of baking two cakes or, even.more.cupcakes or whatever…in a flurry of last minute thoughts running the course of – ‘OMG, what am I going to throw together for Abby for her birthday dinner, never-mind stick a candle in?’ – were running through my mind at 5pm last night. The menu for her party? All taken care of. I had forgotten one important tidbit. What to eat on the night of her actual birthday.

So, in leaving all matter of fuss and pomp to the side (there will be enough of that going on today!) – we all ate breakfast for dinner and I queitly revelled in the ease of it all. But even more-so the shy joy my little girl displayed at being presented her faux birthday ‘cake’ and the zest with which she ate it up (okay half) with. It’s been a few days since she’s been interested in food and I’m so elated to see my sweet one on the mend.

If you’re wondering what that’s all about – well, we had a scary experience with her health on Tuesday night. Not trying to be vague, but I’m still processing and while I do plan on writing about it here, I need some time with just me and my journal to let it all pour out all messy-like before I can share it in a way that will be of use to other mamas’ awareness on the subject.

Besides, this is my little diva’s big day to party and it’s not time to be getting all emotional y’hear? Just know that she is well and good now; cherished and loved more than words can express.

If you’re wondering about that faux birthday cake and what I used between the layers, it was as simple as smearing some maple butter and homemade strawberry jam and banana slices on top of each one a stacking away. I added some local, in season blueberries around the base and was done!

Abby’s Birth, here and here

Abby Turns 1, here and here

Early Sibling Moments

Abby’s Naming Ceremony

Until the next! xo


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