Babble Readers Wild Things Giveaway! CLOSED


You made it! Exciting stuff. We’ll get straight to it. Entering into the giveaway is as easy as following 3 simple steps. You could be the lucky winner of a $100 value card to choose anything you’d like in Kirsty Hartley’s Etsy shop, Wild Things Dresses!

  • Like Wild Things Dresses  – and –  le petit reve on Facebook!

  • Leave a comment below telling us you followed step 1, leaving your name so we can check our pages to see your smiling face as a new fan! Then tell us which costume would you like for your Wild Thing, and why!

That’s it! The winner will be chosen by Kirtsy herself – that way I’m completely out of it. This giveaway is open to all Canadian, US and international residents. Ends Friday October 4, 2013 12 PM EDT.

Kirsty will be choosing based on the quality of the comment and that the entrant followed all of the steps!

I will announce the winner here on Saturday morning, the 5th of October.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!

Cat Cape


  1. Kim crane 27/09/2013

    Hi, I have been a fan of your page for about a month now and I had just liked the Wild things dresses! Page. Awesome stuff, my 18month old would look so adorable in the raccoon overalls :) , Great giveaway:)

  2. Jane Ballantyne 27/09/2013

    I have been fans of both of yours from the land of Etsy for some time! I have actually already bought the brown bear dress for my daughter to wear this Halloween, and Kirsty is working on a custom dress for her 1st birthday right now. If it makes me look greedy to try and win another dress, I am ok with that :) I struggled between the bear and the fox for my daughter and this would solve that dilemma 😉 She even has hair to match the dress! Great interview of a talented lady!

  3. Donna Gregory 27/09/2013

    Hi, I liked your page a few weeks ago. If I was to be a lucky winner I would like the little girls fox dress. Its so cute. One of my best friends has been wanting one of your dresses for weeks for her gorgeous little girl Lillian. I will share your page to spread the love of wild things funky little dresses :)

  4. Helen Tremethick 27/09/2013

    GAH! You’re voting on the quality of the comment? What can I say to stand out other than the fact that you’re both so creative and awesome and I’d really like to dress my feisty daughter in a little fox outfit??? I’m dual Brit-Canadian? I’m a mamapreneur as well? I dig your creative attitude?
    Motherpreneurs, deep bows of respect.
    Perhaps this should have been a haiku.
    Helen Tremethick´s last blog post ..Mini Brownies: where writing and chocolate come together

  5. Crystal Tracy 27/09/2013

    I’ve been a fan of Kirsty and Wild Things Dresses for a couple of years. I think of her Etsy shop as my role model shop, because I also sell kids clothing on Etsy. She’s really done so well for herself and I am hugely inspired by her success! I love that she continues to come out with new and exciting products but that are similar enough to what she’s made in the past that you know it’s still a Wild Thing.
    It would be so exciting to be able to buy something from her shop. I have 2 girls and a boy to dress so really, anything would be fantastic!!!

  6. Jamie Martin 27/09/2013

    We live in Washington, where it rains… a lot, even on Halloween, and this would be perfect!
    Jamie Martin´s last blog post ..New COOKS CLUB Chicken Roaster 3 Piece Vertical NonStick Dishwasher Safe Hens

  7. Lisa Keophila 27/09/2013

    I have been a fan ever since discovered Wild Things Dresses shortly after my own little wild thing was born a couple of years ago. I have been coveting the fox dress for a while and think my sweet, feisty toddler girl would make a pretty sassy fox! But to be honest, all those dresses are incredible. The rainbow raindrop dress and the bee dress are especially sweet. I wish I had the budget to get them all :p

    I found out about this giveaway through the Wild Things Dresses Facebook page, and just ‘liked’ le petite reve on Facebook too.

  8. hannah murphy 27/09/2013

    Your clothing is fab
    my daughter would never look drab
    Either fox or mouse
    please please send a dress to my house!!!

    We adore your amazing unique clothing. I would love the fox dress for my holloween pumpkin. We have been a fan of wild things facebook group for a while. Please pick me!!!

  9. Mi Kyong Kormos 27/09/2013

    Hello! I am a public school art specialist teaching visual art to 900 K-5 students in Georgia. I also run Sewing Club after school teaching 3rd and 5th grade girls how to sew. I do not have my own child or my homeroom students, but these girls are like my own kiddos. They all are bright, creative, and so skillful! We just made our imaginary dolls by hand stitching and they did an amazing job. (I wish I could share here!). This coming October, we are planning to make our own Halloween costumes! The school policy doesn’t allow us to dress up for Halloween in the school but wearing one of the Wild Things dresses will be perfectly fine! I have a 3rd grade sewing club girl who is coming from underprivileged home, I am thinking to give the dress away to her if I win this contest. (Either Red Hood dress or the fox dress would be really cute for her.) I liked both Facebook pages, so I will keep my fingers crossed. Thank you so much for your consideration! :)
    – Mi Kyong Kormos

  10. Andria mcalinden 27/09/2013

    Step 1 complete

  11. Maylee Helene 27/09/2013

    I’ve been a fan on facebook for up to 6 months, maybe a bit longer. I found the site through a friend in Finland who dresses her kids in Wild Thing outfits and takes amazing photos. I come to the site on etsy regularly to see what is new and to admire your handiwork. I have saved ten to twenty dollars a month for the last few months in a little ice-cream container in my room so I am just over halfway to being able to afford such cuteness! I have a 5 month old boy and a 4 year old girl (as of today!), so I would be overjoyed to receive ANY of your wonderful creations for either child….and in a few months time when I save enough up, I will purchase the other child an outfit, however that works out! Foxes are my favourite, my daughter loves panda’s, and my husband would love to see his son in his “spirit animal”, the raccoon, but any of your creations would be appreciated and so freaking awesome! Thank you!

  12. SewBertie 28/09/2013

    I’ve just liked your Facebook page & I found you through Wild Little Things. I bought my niece a rainbow dress a couple of years ago & I’m delighted to see you now make boys clothes.
    Our little Freddy would look amazing in the fox dungarees & would make use of them every day not just for Halloween!
    If you’ve never seen a blonde curly fox give him a try! We’re just down the road from you in Saddleworth so you might just find a model for your next range too!
    Thanks for the opportunity x

  13. Andria mcalinden 28/09/2013

    Loving the outfits! Adorable! My daughter who is 18 months old would look like a wee cherub in any of the outfits

  14. Gloria Chew 28/09/2013

    Ahhhhhhhh! As I scrolled through the Wild Things etsy shop, it was impossible to decide which one I would choose for my little lady of we were to win. Each one was more adorable than the last, but as soon as I saw the penguin I knew that was it. From the detailing of the corduroy to the beyond cute belly pouch. It was decided!

  15. Elle bell 28/09/2013

    Love wild things!!!
    When we officially adopted our daughter my aunty bought her the foxy dress as she is obsessed with foxes :) she loves the dress so much she sometimes prefers to hug it instead of wearing it! Even tho the dungarees are for boys would love them for her!!
    Thank you xxx

  16. Charlotte Postill 28/09/2013

    Kirsty, you have an extraordinary talent.
    My girls are already proud owners of the fox and the mouse, they come out for the coolest parties and special occasions. We also have another couple of your dresses that have picked up numerous wonderful comments whenever they are worn.
    They are all so adaptable and can span various ages with the change from tights to leggings.
    We can always make room for another Wild Thing Funky Little Dress in this house and we’re currently coveting the dark Matrioska Russian dolly dress .

  17. Sarah 28/09/2013

    Hello from New Zealand! Wow what an amazing giveaway and thank you so much for opening it up to all international fans :) EtsyKids Team just made me aware of it and I have liked both your pages.
    I’m loving the penguin dress for my little baby chick, it is adorable! We are obsessed with all things penguin in this family. It would be great to show off one of your creations here in NZ and increase your fan base in another part of the world for you ;D
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Crochet Beanie / Hat / Cap for Baby / Child / Photo Prop – Acrylic & unique wooden button – Custom Handmade by MeysMadeCoolCrochet

  18. Amie Standen Jacoby 28/09/2013

    Koala’s, raccoons and foxes, oh dear!
    Trying to choose one is so hard I fear.
    We just recently discovered Wild Things and after placing our first order, I shared with my sister-in-law who also placed an order. We are both waiting with bated breath for our sweet frocks to arrive! I am a new fan of Le Petite, but the craftsmanship looks incredible. I do have 6 friends expecting 10 babies among them in the nest 2 months…perhaps I have found my new, unique go to shower gift. Thank you for this lovely opportunity.
    And by the way, my daughter says koala all the way!!

  19. Mel Daniels 28/09/2013

    My wild thing would make a wonderful black cat for Halloween if she won one of these gorgeous dresses – we already have two real cats in the house so she’d fit right in with her very own cat dress!

    (Am a fan of both pages) :)

  20. Meagan 28/09/2013

    I’ve been a fan of Kirsty’s facebook page since this past summer when I discovered her little fox dress. I had to have it for my daughter’s third birthday party, coming up in a couple of weeks. I did a little photo shoot for her birthday card invitations and one of the pictures is on the timeline cover of my facebook page. Everyone who has seen it absolutely adores it! I have a younger daughter who is lucky enough to get lots of hand-me-downs, but if I won I’d like a dress just for her. I love them all sooo much, but maybe the owl would be my top pick for her. I love Wild Things and whether I win or not, I’m a fan for life!

  21. Heleyna Holmes 28/09/2013

    This is an amazing giveaway. I am a professional child and family photographer is Seattle WA. I specialize in creative storytelling sessions. I have had my eye on Wild Thing Dresses for a few months. I would select a product that is not featured above. I would go for the little girls bunny dress. Get out of town with the little white cotton tail. I would photograph my 1.5 old daughter for Halloween. We call her our Bunny Baby as she is the first of our kids to have an attachment item. A very loved stuffed bunny named BunBun. I think the look on her face to see herself dressed up as a bunny would be priceless. And totally photo shoot worthy! Fun!!!
    Heleyna Holmes´s last blog post ..Heleyna Holmes Photography~Pieces to Peaces Boutique~Gray Chevron Peace Band~Discovery Park~Seattle WA~

  22. Heleyna Holmes 28/09/2013

    Step one complete!

    • heleyna holmes 28/09/2013

      ~FB name is Leyna Rasmussen (recently married)

  23. sarah greenwood 28/09/2013

    Hi there love your products and liked the page!! I would love the fox dress for my niece!! Thank you xx

  24. rebekah desloge 28/09/2013

    i have liked both facebook pages.

    i think my little lady would most enjoy dressing up like a cat – i have been a fan of wild things dresses for quite some time and would love to have such a unique and amazing clothing piece hanging in a closet and just know that my little girl would squeal with delight about dressing like a cat as often as possible.

  25. vesle serena 28/09/2013

    I have to admit, I already own a Cat Dress – I bought it earlier this year for my girl. It is awesome and I have been telling all my friends about this beautiful Etsy shop! The dresses are cute but well made and perfect for those kids who like to dress up but don`t like those cheap plastic costumes that make them sweat (and all look the same). Even if I have a girl I would love a Little boys fox dungaree costume – thats because I find this a perfect design for my active girl and she loves the FOX ( the song by YLVIS, popular on youtube right now) Thanks!

  26. Anna Howard Fox 28/09/2013

    My little fox cub already owns your gorgeous fox pinafore and its her favourite dress to wear for all occasions! We are currently lusting after your little red riding hood cape and matching doll! So hope we win as really I want to own everything in the collection! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous xx

  27. Gillian 28/09/2013

    My hubby and I adore your skillful creations and recently purchased a dress for our oldest. We would love to also purchase one of your creations for our youngest as well – it’s tough being the youngest and always getting hand-me-downs, even when they’re as unique as your designs.

  28. Cheryl Almas 28/09/2013

    I would love to win something for my grandson. The racoon overalls are very nice.

  29. Hi Kirsty,

    Huge fan of your work and your super fun, cheerful style! My daughter would adore any of your designs but I think my favorite has to be the Tiger Dress or Badger Dress. Your rainbow pinafore is adorable too. Congrats on all your success.. it is well earned! :)
    Fingers Crossed!
    C.V. Savage – Savage Seeds´s last blog post ..Forest Critters- Raccoon with Maple Tree Seed- Eco Friendly- Woodland Animal by SavageSeeds

  30. Olivia D Hamilton 29/09/2013

    I love the Mister Fox for my son! So cute! Thanks!

  31. I have liked both pages. I would LOVE to win the Girls Cat Cape Costume. With it being multi size it means that both of my cat crazy daughters could share it. They are constantly playing a kind of feline fantasy game, licking each other, meowing, scratching my legs and drinking milk from bowls on the floor. They have cat names that they have given each other – Faye is called “Fizney” and Hannah is called “See-o” I have no idea where they plucked these names from but nothing makes them happier than crawling around the floor, giggling and meowing all the while.

  32. Chels 01/10/2013

    I’ve followed you both (Chelsea Beck). I would LOVE the Tiger costume in size 6-12mo so my little girl. Her big brother is going to be Calvin and we need a baby Hobbes!

  33. Heather Garden 01/10/2013

    Love Love Love…I didn’t know of this etsy shop but I will be stalking it now…the puppy dog overalls or the fox ones would look sooo cute on my 11 month old…btw step one complete

  34. Alexandra Treat 01/10/2013

    I did it! Alexandra (lexi) Treat from Jonas and Treat Photography

  35. Heleyna Holmes 02/10/2013

    Is it October 5th yet?!?!?!?

  36. Sherry Lykins 02/10/2013

    I liked both! I liked the Owl Dress! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Ciara Buchanan 02/10/2013

    You’re dresses and costumes are absolutely adorable! My lil CJ would love to wear any one of them! The fox and raccoon overalls are amazing. I am excited to share your shop with my friends.

  38. nushechka 03/10/2013

    Liked on fb-anna k.
    i like the Girls Dress Mouse Baby Costume grey pink
    Thanks !

  39. Stephanie 04/10/2013

    Alohaaaa ladies! i’m stephanie laimana and i’m really diggin these fun and creative dresses and your style is timeless! have really enjoyed finding your sites. my daughter INDIA just turned 1 in Septemeber and I would love to see her in the badger dress! thanks for giving us the opportunity to try and win!! xo ~steph

  40. Bridget 04/10/2013

    I followed step 1.

    I love all the animal ones, but I kept going back to the little red riding hood. Too adorable. Second pick would be the black cat cape. Perhaps I just really like capes! Beautiful work!

    Thank you,
    Bridget Williford

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