Wyndham is turning four on Friday. FOUR. Just never-mind. I’m not going to wax poetic about the state of my mind concerning this leap from toddler-hood into child-hood.

Not when there’s a super-cool Magic School Bus Party theme to attend to. A ‘Sense’Sational’ themed Magic School Bus party at that. Sensory and science games for kindergarteners, fun fun. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, with all the mess.

The mess was already worth it days ago from the absolute JOY Wyndham has displayed in having this theme for his birthday party. The minute his gorgeous bigs eyes saw the invitations I made for him to hand out at school…Oh my. Lets just say I had one of those fleeting, ‘I’m a Super-Mom’ moments…

A quick jaunt on the google machine garnered pretty slim pickings in this department. Invites, party favours, decorations…not much available since this isn’t a current show. The Magic School Bus, circa 1994 is one of those old school shows you introduce your child to, in the hopes that they’ll love it because it doesn’t suck and there’s tons of adult humour for those of us whose brains might very well turn to moosh if we have to entertain the possibility of our toddler’s being addicted to Cailou. Been there, done that.

So I just made some. Super easy using Pic Monkey. No fancy envelopes and printed on thick card-stock and we were in the game.



Obviously I ‘blurred’ out our address and phone number, because you know, internets. Not that I’m popular enough to be stalked by any means, just playing it safe. There be weirdos out there yo. Not the good kind.

If you like these and your kid loves them some Magic School Bus, I’ve put together some free printable invites you can download (click and save, they’re already high res) and print yourself and fill in the blanks with your own info. If you have photoshop or some other photo editing program and know can quickly lay out 4 to a sheet, double sided (8 1/2″ x 11″). If not just save them on a USB key and take it into your local printer. They’ll know what to do.

These will look just fine if you handwrite your own info – but if you’re into it you could also upload these to PicMonkey (or Photoshop obviously) and add your own text in the applicable fields. Whatever floats your boat.

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    Maggie 07/03/2017

    Hi – wondering if you made any other favors for MSB party. Not much available. These invitations are super cute.

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