Am I done talking about the many virtues of bone broth? Nope, not yet…

With cold and flu ‘season’ upon us and germy daycare/school spores migrating their way into our home I’ve concocted this soothing, immunity boosting liquid agent to help cure those sniffles and coughs.

I’m in no way a doctor or a nutritionist (we know this), but that doesn’t mean I haven’t made it a part of my life-long journey to treat food as medicine. I’ve spent years researching the medicinal properties that food holds and this hot mug of goodness isn’t a new revelation in the ways of natural cold and flu relief.

Your granny and your granny’s granny probably fed their families something similar when sick, and I’ve seen natural remedies similar to this making a big come-back for good reason. They work. This is my own personal spin of a combination inexpensive, natural and effective ingredients to speed along the recovery process.

Bone broth (hot liquids stimulate the immune system and stop the spread of the flu virus; improves digestion, extraordinarily rich in nutrients – particularly minerals and amino acids. It inhibits neutrophil migration; as in helps minimize and eradicate the side effects of colds, flus and upper respiratory infections)
Lemon (vitamin C, mild antibiotic properties)
Raw honey (anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and a natural cough suppressant)
Cinnamon (anti-microbial)
Ginger (anti-inflammatory, clears sinuses, helps soothe the stomach)
Cayenne pepper (helps clear congestion)
Garlic (offers anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties)
Apple cider vinegar (alkalizes the body and kills any yeast that could be feeding infection)

Basically you boil the broth, add in all of the ingredients into a big-ass mug and get to sippin’. I usually spilt this amount between the kids and omit the cayenne pepper because, “PICCEEE!!! MAMA! NOT LIKE!!!!” Or some varying proclamation of such. (Even though you can barely taste it. Meh. I tried.)

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Wellness Mama

Wishing you and your families many healthy, happy days this winter!

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