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I had my heart set on making my little family a set of Pendleton stockings, but being from Canada makes for acquiring the fabric fairly tricky. Unless one happens to have a fabulous colleague/friend who lives close to the Pendleton Outlet in Oregon. I knew all I had to do was ask my friend who shares the same love for Pendleton that I do.

We share similar tastes, in fashion and generally speaking when it comes to aesthetics so I totally trusted her judgement in what she would pick out for me and you guys?! I’ve been able to make a plethora of handmade gifts for my family and friends thanks to this good woman.

Onto these stockings…

What You’ll Need:

Extra large tracing paper
Pendleton (or other fabric you covet, amount depending on how many and how big. (The stockings you guys)
Coordinating fabric for backing
Sewing machine
Quality fabric scissors
Leather scissors
Metallic thread
Metallic leather
Fabric marker
Leather punch
Hot glue gun (and sticks)


How You Do:

This project is SO EASY. Basically you sketch out your stockings, such a easy shape to free-style draw. As big or as small as you want, on tracing paper. I made them a little ong, as I wanted to have a cuff to fold over. Cut out what is now your stocking pattern and pin to your fabric. When using Pendleton, you may want to line up the pattern on the fabric to your liking, if you’re picky like me.

Cut out the number of fronts per the number of stockings you are making. Next cut out the backs the same way and pin together, inside out! Sew them together! I didn’t hem the tops of the stockings as I cut the fabric from the top down where there was a natural fray which I quite like for the cuffs.

After taking them all from being inside out, iron them on your iron’s highest setting in-between some scrap fabric. Then fold over a nice fat cuff and iron the same way. You can leave it here or move on with making initials for each and loops for hanging. (Which, in being honest, I forgot about until I was already done so I hand sewed some in through the side seam inside the cuff. Had I not forgotten I would have done it before sewing the front and backs together.)

Using your fabric marker you can either free-style your initials, or use a font template. Clearly, I free-styled. Cut them out with the leather scissors and back with scrap pieces of Pendleton (securing with hot glue), to weigh them down and make more solid. Cut again.

Cut thin strips of your metallic leather to make the slipknots that you’re going to attach your initials to your stockings with. Using the leather hole-punch, make a hole at the top of each initial and at the bottom of each stockings hem. Use your leather strips to attach with a slip-knot as shown.

Cut one inch (wide), by 4 inch (long), strips of Pendleton to make loops and hand sew them inside the side seams (as described earlier), inside the hems. THAT’S IT!
Hang them and adore them for years to come. I can’t wait to fill them with clove stuffed clementines, nuts, homemade treats and love-notes year after year. 


Happy Holidays to all of you, dear readers, family and friends!

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