Big Sister Is Watching [VIDEO]: How GoldieBlox Rages Against The BS Machine


Big Sister IS Watching

If you haven’t heard about GoldieBlox, the Kickstarter toy company success story of 2013, then hello. Welcome parents of little girls who want their daughters to know they are so much more than a princess. I am impressed and altogether smitten with this company, its mission and vision, products and genuine desire to be a part of positive change in the landscape of how little girls think of themselves, what kind of role models they have and how they value themselves. The bonus? Metric, a fantastic Canadian band is the soundtrack. Awe yea.

Founder Debbie Sterling has brought the company a long way with a whole line of story, construction, movie-making and engineering sets for girls. (And clothes!) What’s the goal? Well, if it isn’t obvious already, GoldieBlox aims to disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers by giving these young inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things.

Today I was presented with a brand new video created by the mad geniuses over at GoldieBlox, called: Big Sister is Watching, to promote their new Zipline Action Figure. Yea, a Zipline Action Figure. The video is feisty, excellently produced, short and to the point. It’s their way of raging against the BS machine and ending the reign of fashion dolls. Which, we all know is a mighty feat. Right here in my own home I am raising a Princess obsessed little girl. Suffice to say that I am stoked there is finally something else that I can introduce her to to. A new kind of ‘doll’ that helps to even out the onslaught of heels, lipstick and sparkle; with characters that are cool, interesting, smart, and relatable.

Oh, and I’m not the only heart and mind who is won over here. My partner Jen, who most of you know works in film and television as an actress, director and producer is over the moon with GoldieBlox’s Movie Machine kit. As an advocate for women in film, their app and behind the scenes videos definitely struck a chord. This is a company we both feel proud to get behind for so many reasons.

We all want girls to have a role model that encourages them to meet their full potential, yea?  That means high hopes, not high heels. Let’s work together to get girls building the futures they deserve. Spread the word. It’s #timeforaction.

*Disclosure: we haven’t been paid in any way to write this post or share the launch of GoldieBlox’s newest products or videos. We don’t have to be. Our little girls are reason enough. However. Many of you know that we have been very careful about which companies we affiliate ourselves with, as in the mad sea of sponsored posts, giveaways and opportunities that get tossed at bloggers these days; who we partner with has to be a brand that represents who we are authentically. How we raise our families and what our values are. Who knows what the future holds! We’re proud to be sharing what you’ve seen here today.*

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    Sara 07/11/2014

    Yeaaaaaah! Thanks for sharing! :)
    Sara´s last blog post ..Citation – Il n’y a pas de parent parfait

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