Life With Lyme: On Turning a Negative Into a Postive


For the past couple of years my hair has been falling out. I had a LOT of hair so it didn’t bother me. When Lyme kicked in full force and starting attacking my body from all angles, the hair issue became more severe. As it thinned out it started getting me down. So I decided to kick this disease in the balls and show it that, even if I have to shave all my hair or go entirely bald, this BUG will not win. Anyway, I think JIM at HeadQuarters Hair Salon in Barrie did an amazing job and I LOVE my new do. Fresh start! Oddly enough, it feels and looks thicker. 


Selena here…I’ve just got to chime in and give a huge kudos to the fellas over at this new salon Jen speaks of. I too, turned my rather butchered, chopped off locks into Jim’s hands and they treated me like gold and gave me one of the best hair-cuts and salon experiences I’ve ever had. At 36 years into this primping and preening thing (give or take a few baby years), that’s saying a lot. Since then I’ve sent my songbird there to come back delighted as well. To the fine gents at HeadQuarters…the referrals? They’re going to keep coming. Thanks for taking such good care of my tribe.

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    Mike 12/02/2015

    Looks good Jen. :) That “bug” don’t know who it’s messing with. It picked the wrong woman to mess with. Your in my prayers. Take care


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    Jenifer 10/04/2015

    Hello fellow Lymee. I just left a note on your Avril post on Instagram… So I’ll spare you the double message. Just would love to connect,. Share a vision I have in kickin the balls of this bugger of a disease…. Renae and I pitched a doc idea that I hope to go ahead and shoot… I am curing this with our traditional medicines.
    I’d love to share more of my journey and ask you questions too… Definitely get in touch,. I think support in this is paramount.


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    Amy 24/05/2015

    You wear your cut well. My own hair is quite fickle as well and just paused it’s shedding for a bit. I’m enjoying what I have but also practicing letting go. But does it have to my hair? I guess we don’t get to choose. Lot’s of love.
    Amy´s last blog post ..Chia Seed Pudding Recipe to Please All

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