Feature Friday(ish): Limited Edition, Indigenous Made Fashion For Parents and Kids

Logo Okay moms and dads. I have some limited edition CUTE, FRESH and totally RAD gear you want to know about! The recently launched Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator is fundraising for its 2015 Workshop Series and Collective Creation Project. The Incubator has been created to support the creation of new works in fashion, textiles and wearable art by young Indigenous women and mother artists (16-35); and all the proceeds go directly towards eliminating some of the barriers Indigenous women and mothers may otherwise face, such as priority access to programs, childcare, transit, meals, and materials. Setsuné reserves a majority of registration spaces at their workshops for Indigenous women, although the workshops are open to everyone to learn and about Indigenous arts, traditions, practices and protocol.

I knew that my community of parents would want to support this endeavour, especially since knowing that all proceeds support a good cause … There are 4 days left to reserve the children’s tops (hoodies, tees and crews) and 16 days to purchase parents’ tops (tees and flowy tanks —> which are my personal fave!) Also available in navy and black.


Setsuné (set-soon-eh) means grandmother in the Dene language and we use it to acknowledge intergenerational cross-overs, blood memory and oral histories expressed in fashion and the arts. North American Indigenous nations follow a Clan system to identify different nations, families and connections. The print is Native Designed by Sage Paul, who is of the Caribou Clan! This is all about family and community, my friends. Sage Paul is a downtown Toronto-based fashion designer and wearable art artist. She creates her work in celebration of urban Indigenous culture and to share her experience and culture as she learns it.  Sage has exhibited her work at the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum, Harbourfront Centre and has been covered in the Toronto Star, CBC Metro Morning, CBC aboriginal and other fashion/arts/indigenous focused blogs. Sage is the co-founder of the Setsuné Indigenous Fashion Incubator, along with Erika Iserhoff (textile artist, costume designer and arts administrator).

Sage has been kind enough to offer our readers a 15% discount! Use this link if you want to hook that action up! Please note: the children’s wear is available by reservation until the next 6 items are sold! You will only be charged and shipped out your item is Setsuné makes their quota, and there is only 6 MORE LEFT! Let’s make this happen!


Discount link! Click me!


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