Feature Friday: The Stunning Leela Gilday


We’re absolutely in LOVE with this new video from Leela Gilday and the creative geniuses over at Artless Collective. I’ve had the honour of knowing Leela and admiring her warm, fierce, kind and creative soul as a friend. She made a connection with my son in particular, when he was but a wee baby and he’s adired her ever since. She was his first crush, I’m pretty sure! His favourite song/video used to be, “One Drum,” but now he has something new to his YouTube playlist.

The song, “Rescue” is one of many vocally sublime, earthy feats you can find on her newest album, “Heart of The People.” Last night a grand collection of Indigenous artists gathered for the JUNO awards in Hamilton, ON. and Leela was up for Aboriginal album of the year along with our friends Digging Roots, Crytal Shawanda, Tomson Highway and Tanya Tagaq. Tanya took it home with her earth-shatteringly brilliant album “Animism”(congrats!) – and yet – the celebration continues to be about them all. The comraderie and geniune respect and love they all have for one another is truly inspiring and lesson to many of us who get caught up in these sorts of award shows.

Press play and marvel in this visual and sonic artistry, sure to provide some excellent vibes for your Sunday! (Yes, we’re late in posting this week’s FF. Such as life.)

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  1. Reply
    Tracey 15/03/2015

    The video is not well done. In fact, I found it very cheaply done and more annoying than anything. It’s too bad this artist didn’t put more effort and money into a better video. Leela you could have done better.

    • Reply
      Jennifer Podemski 16/03/2015

      Thanks for you comments, I’m sure the artist and her team put a lot of effort into this video and we wanted to showcase Leela’s continued artistry. We’re sorry it wasn’t for you! I hope it doesn’t deter you from continuing to follow Leela’s career.

  2. Reply
    Brad 15/03/2015

    Her voice is powerful but the video is horrible. I’m not sure what she was going for, but it seems almost like Tanya Tagaq’s Animism. However, Tanya nailed it, Leela did not. The black and white colour is horrid. Whoever made this video clearly has no talent and it shows. Also her dress was falling off top side at the end. Colour would have been better, and perhaps she would have taken home a Juno. I won’t watch this video again, it’s sad that Leela didn’t see the video for what it is. thumbs down!

  3. Reply
    Morgan 15/03/2015

    Words can’t describe how bad this video is

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