Feature Friday: The Bad Mother Video Q+A

TBM You know you’re going to love this one, based on the title alone. The Bad Mother is a feature film in the making. It’s not quite finished yet and the creators, makers, hustlers and creative masterminds behind and in front of the scenes … need our help to do it. After watching the trailer, you’ll understand why this flm needs to get finished. As you wipe tears of laughter from your face.

I had this grand idea to do a recorded Google Chat Q+A with the creators based on that one time I recorded a hands-free breast pumping bra review. Technical difficulties aside, we figured out how to record our little G-chat and you can learn more about the project and why they need our help after the jump!

They still have a long way to go to reach their goal in the next three weeks. Here are some specific things you can do to help:

  1.  Share this link and let people know this film won’t get finished without their support. They’re on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook and encourage your friends to check out the trailer and support the campaign!
  2. Share the image below, linking to the kickstarter campaign, updating and entertaining your friends and networks!
  3. Write emails to close friends telling them about the campaign!
  4. Post about TBM Kickstarter on your own blog, like I did!
  5. Encourage blogs / news sites that you like to check out TBM campaign or write about it!

Most of all, let them know what you want more of by posting on their Facebook page! More pics from the shoot? More clips? Memes? Different combos than we have listed here? LET THEM KNOW AND WE WILL RESPOND!


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