Nothing Fancy - Jen & SelenaIt is no surprise that Selena Burgess and Jennifer Podemski decided to start a blog collective. As if these busy moms don’t have enough on their plates! (What mom doesn’t?)

With true entrepreneurial spirit this duo decided to take on more by dedicating time to weekly storytelling, sharing their experiences as mothers, wives, partners, business owners and most importantly; women. The site will still feature the occasional healthy and delicious recipes and DIY projects it has become known for as well as serving as a platform to connect with Native and Non-Native mothers everywhere.

The Internet is inundated with mommy, daddy and general parenting sites but there are few, if any, that are directed at Native moms; a community that matters to both Selena and Jennifer.

Expect the pushing of boundaries by sharing real experiences about motherhood. No sugar coating. Both of the women in this collective have something to say. They are feisty, smart moms; each with a unique perspective that will surely entertain and inform.

More About Selena

Selena Selena Burgess is mother to two sprightly toddlers. When the chaos permits – she is a daily writer for the widespread awesome that is Babble and recently finished up a long-term contract with Disney Interactive’s, Disney Baby Blog. A perpetual dabbler, she also moonlights in the music industry as a label manager, arts administrator and Aboriginal arts workshop facilitator for public school elementary students. She has also been known to freelance as a Creative Director & Consultant in the web design | social media realm for her own brand and such clients as; Urban Native Magazine, The Accidental Food Blogger, The Eaglewood Folk Festival, Borealis Records, Digging Roots Music and Top Quark. See Selena’s complete online portfolio if you give a care, right here!

More About Jennifer

Jennifer Podemski, 40, is an award winning, Gemini nominated actress and producer born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Since beginning her professional career at the age of 14, Jennifer has achieved great success as an actor in film, television and theatre. Best known for her roles in Bruce McDonald’s acclaimed feature film Dance Me Outside, CBC’s The Rez and Riverdale, Jennifer has maintained a presence in front of the camera for more than 25 years. Since 1999, she has spent most of her time working behind the camera as a producer, writer and director. First, as Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Big Soul Productions, an aboriginal owned an operated production company. In 2005, Jennifer branched out on her own and founded Redcloud Studios, an independent production company that she currently runs from her home.

Podemski Lookin' FineJennifer has created, co-created and produced ground breaking television series including, three seasons of the first all aboriginal drama Moccasin Flats (Showcase, APTN), two seasons of the paranormal cop drama Rabbit Fall (Space, APTN), a factual series about Aboriginal ghost hunters The Other Side (APTN) and a host of Lifestyle and documentary series in various genres.

As an actor, Jennifer can most recently be seen in Jimmy P as the love interest of Benicio Del Toro (Directed by Arnaud Desplechin); alongside Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams in Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz; and as Minnie, the matriarch of a dysfunctional family, in her feature film debut as producer, Empire of Dirt (Dir: Peter Stebbings) which has been nominated for 5 Canadian Screen Awards including Best Picture and a Best Supporting Actress for Podemski.

Amidst her many projects in development, Jennifer is the Co-Executive Producer of the Indspire Awards (previously known as The National Aboriginal Achievement Awards). Currently in her 8th year, The Indspire Awards recognizes achievements made by Indigenous Canadians and is broadcast by APTN and GLOBAL nationally. The Indspire Awards has also been nominated for many Gemini Awards/Canadian Screen Awards and has won in various categories.

Despite a busy schedule, Jennifer dedicates a large part of her time to working with, and mentoring youth. She has toured Canada and the U.S, speaking to Native youth and facilitating workshops in self-awareness, goal setting, performing, business, media and self-empowerment. She has facilitated over 2500 workshops and keynote addresses and continues to dedicate her time to strengthening the future of Canada by empowering Native youth to realize their potential.

A few words from Jennifer… “They say that necessity is the mother of invention. I suppose that is true in this case. I am a new mom, I’m opinionated and I like to help people. I am constantly searching the internet for info on a wide range of subjects related to motherhood, womanhood, Native issues, well being and spirituality but I have yet to find a one stop shop that I can commit to. THAT is exactly what I intend to build here. A fountain of information and goodies with a dash of cultural flavour. I am hoping to attract readers from across the globe, male and female alike.”


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    My name is Saskia Chanoine and i am the curator of @kickassladiez on Instagram. This week I am featuring Kick ass Moms. And it looks like you are not only a kick ass lady but also a kick ass mom. Would you be interested in being featured? All it would require is a silly photo of yourself and answers to four questions: Fear(s), inspiration(s), Ambition(s) and How are you breaking the glass ceiling. please let me know if you gave any questions.


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