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Sweet Things: Autumnal Pictorial

I have just returned home from a mind-altering, soul-shifting work retreat. So much more on that later. I came home with a big hunger in my heart to dote on my little ones, to scoop them up in big cuddles and get some serious organizing done around the house. This includes spending far too much time going through photos from the whirlwind that has been this past Summer now nearing on the end of Autumn. I am awe-struck by the beauty I I have been gifted with in these sprightly, curious, remarkable humans Trev and I are raising.

I love watching them grow and build friendships and relationships to last a lifetime. These are but a few pics of my curly haired, chubby (still) cheeked firecrackers and those they call their bests. I hope to nurture these relationships well on into the years…

1 4 6 3 IMG_2004 2 IMG_2040 8 7 9 IMG_2056 10 5 IMG_1307 IMG_2618 any given moment
Adorable kid-sized mukluks c/o Manitobah Mukluks!
Our 1st Chappel Farms Visit
3 Years of Gratuitous Pumpkin Patch Photos: Compared
2013 Pumpkin Patch Photos
One Single Photo From 2015’s Chappel Farms Visit


It began years ago, this far-off, forbidden dream that I would live a life steeped in the ways of my people. Now, as I scroll through image after image from this past weekend, a continued awakening rises from a deep, dark place of confusion and hurt that I had buried (unsuccessfully), of so long.

A new kind of happiness has centred itself into my life; one that can only come from living the good life and the realization that finally, finally I am on that road. 

The Mad Hatter Was Here (Abby’s 2nd Birthday Party Pictorial)

Alice In Wonderland Themed Birthday Party

Picture heavy – all of which is seen here via parental permission of each adorable nugget in attendance…

When Pancakes Alone (With Some Simple Tweaking) Make For The Perfect (Easy!) Personal Birthday Cake!

I could have made this a leaning tower of pancake cake. I really had to stop myself from doing so. After all, Abby turned 2 (yesterday) – not 10.

Pigtails & Weekend Reading

Clearly the two go hand in hand.

No? Well around here they do. Some one please…help. These are her first piggies and it’s almost too much to bear. Tell me I’m wrong.

International Day of The Girl Child: Some Words on The Generational Cycle of Violence

It would be untruthful for me not to say that I wasn’t once terrified that I would somehow continue some of the abusive behaviours as a parent, that I was taught. Abuse is an ugly word that many people don’t want to talk about and has this insidious way of trickling down intergenerationally.

Learned behaviours is often the pattern of abuse. Not always, but often enough. Research suggests that approximately one third of all individuals who were abused or neglected as children will subject their own children to some type of maltreatment. I believe that it is my responsibility to know these things. I already know that knowledge and love are imperative tools in healing and powerful weapons against destruction if you yield them right.

I have never had to fight against repeating such learned behaviours now, as a parent, those were just my own nasty fears. Learning all the scary stats during my academic career as a social worker definitely perpetuated those fears. But, I’ve been lucky in my older years. I gravitate towards stability and being nurturing and advocating on behalf of these issues. I can’t even imagine resisting urges to be violent or verbally or mentally un-kind.

These things are a part of me, but I know that I would be in a very different place today if I hadn’t gone back to school and received a college education. If I hadn’t torn myself away from unhealthy environments, toxic relationships and self-medicating as I became older. If I were less of a fighter, less of a survivor I can’t say that I don’t know for sure, that I wouldn’t be in a much darker place today based solely on my loving heart, kind soul and good intentions.

I hope that this International Day for Girls shines more light on specific issues like abuse, and the effects that living in such can have on a young girl. I believe that a single day truly can be a powerful tool in change, where we come together to advocate for action. Where we actively invest in our little girls so that they may reach their full potential.

These are some of the important ways I’m empowering my little girl.

As Girl Speakers Bureau member Saba told a room of Diplomats at the United Nations: “All women were once girls, but not all girls will become women.” – Because I am a Girl


a Year in the Life of Abby

Remember that video I was talking about a while back? The one I was going to make featuring some of the best snippets (digitally captured at least), of Abby’s first year on planet earth?

Well I finally got around to finishing it. You’re welcome aunties, uncles, g-mas and g-pas! And yes, you too – dear friends of the internets. A baby’s 1st year is quite the entertaining, darling and most amazing wonder. Truly. I’m especially partial, being that she’s mine…


Lookie what we have here. A little diva well on her way to becoming a soccer star or prima ballerina. Until then it appears the she will reside as our newest resident in ruckus causing. Watch out brother Wyndham!

A Family Affair

This. The pure and absolute joy of a toddler and their baby sister riding high on the fumes of summer. Sweet, hot, simple summer.

Seemingly made just for little ones.

Against the backdrop of a tree-lined sunset, where everything in it’s last waking moments is made to glow. Things look perfect in this light.

Magical Moments: Pictorial

It’s been 10 months since Wyndham became a big brother and what a joy it has been to watch them grow together, and discover their love for each-other. At times, stepping in as the referee is less enchanting – usually to keep Wyndham from launching blocks at his little sister’s head…but that all comes with the territory, right?

Being so close in age; 2 1/2 (Wyndham) and 10 months (Abby), I’m starting to hit a stride. One that savours all of the precious moments and pauses on being too reactionary when Wyndham gets physical with his little sister. We’re all just figuring this out together as a family, with as much love and positivity that we can muster. Which isn’t hard really – most of the time, except when it isn’t. Moms of littles close in age out there, I know ya feel me.

With my exciting new writing gig with Disney Baby (starts next month!) I wanted to provide some of the audience I’ll be connecting  with there, a real, visual sense of who we are as a family and of our littles as siblings. The best part about all of this is, it doesn’t even feel like work! I mean, talking about my babies? Sharing tips with other Momma’s out there? Right up my alley. Without further ado, here are some of my favourite pictures of Abby and Wyndham over the past 10 months. Family pics up next week…enjoy!

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