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When a Toddler Goes Strawberry Picking For The 1st Time…

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They ignore all the rules.

Not that there should be any rules when strawberry picking, accept maybe to pick the ripe and juicy ones. You totally want to make sure to do that. Bonus points for getting covered in as much strawberry juices as possible and exuding so much joy it makes both of your parents feel like kids again too.

Which is exactly what our little man did, without even knowing it. As they do…

Good-bye To Winter: Weekend Reading

Some suggested reading for this fine weekender while you

DIY Duct Tape Holiday Banner (& Baby Shower!)

That’s right. Duct tape. It’s all the rage, didn’t you know? So incredibly easy, perfect to be hung in a multitude of places. I made a few of them, one for our mantle, one for the dreamcatcher wreath on our door (DIY for that to come!) and another for some fun I had styling an adorable snow owl themed baby shower. 

Babies Are Weird

Mini Oddballs
It’s true. Those of you with these mysterious little nuggets know exactly what I am talking about. In my quest to conquer all that is baby-strange I’ve devised a brilliant plan of parenting counter-attacks…

Weekend Reading

Things have been pretty crazy this week, as in more than usual. I’ve been stretching out of my comfort zone in covering some of the films and events for the imagineNATIVE blog. I have stacks of notes and pictures and video to edit for 2 different articles, this is to be a working weekend indeed.

Also, hey! Christmas came early this year with the delivery of our long-awaited dining room furniture. My friends, this has been a long time coming. For years, we’ve been using the rickety set that I bought used back in my college days. I know. Feeling very grown up, kind of sort of. As someone who loves to cook and entertain, this is big. I’ve dreamed of having a big harvest table. To me, the hub and heart of the home…

Pigtails & Weekend Reading

Clearly the two go hand in hand.

No? Well around here they do. Some one please…help. These are her first piggies and it’s almost too much to bear. Tell me I’m wrong.

On The Move From Misery & Reggie Watts

Since the catastrophic catastrophe (yes, that is INDEED how it’s been), of my hard-drive giving me the royal salute, things have been quiet around here.

Which I had vowed not to do since becoming a full-time writer and all. Suffice to say things are back up and running and I am slowly rebuiling what I lost since my last back-up.

My one word of advice to those of you whose world’s would some to a screeching halt if your hard-drive went BOOM?

Bliggity Bloggedy Blogging Machine?

Lately, I’ve been rummaging. Sorting. Through the deep caverns that make up the complexity of my soul and mind. Often, the two – they have it out with each-other. They wrestle and grapple to make and enjoy peace at home, joy in the little things and lapse into a graceful stride. Stride and grace as a mother, stride and grace in my career(s). With a modicum of success.

One of a Kind Spring Show 2012

So lately, I’ve been gently dissecting Pros & Cons lists under a heavy restraint of realism, burgeoning from my dreams. How exactly does that work? I’ll let you know when I have it figured out.  In the meantime, it means making hard decisions, because a mother of young babies and toddlers simply cannot have multiple careers and live a happy life.

So. (cue the drum-roll)…

Simple (Honest) Strawberry Shortcake. Tiered x 4.

Simple enough, I mean – it is a tiered cake after all. Tiered cakes are to be respected. Straight up. One must be gentle yet stern with them all at the same time. At least that’s why I believe this sexy cake came out so magnificently. So timely. Surely, it also had something to do with setting a vibe of tranquility. (I’ve been known to bust a move all in the name of a homemade birthday cake many a time.) Having all of my ingredients ready. Researching the substitions I would make once I decided on a recipe.

Which all ends in the minor technicality that the hour in which I profess it took me to make this cake? Well that isn’t really true at all.

I love baking and cooking. I don’t count the research and experiment time. What I can tell you is that this is the perfect cake for the summer season – or any occasion really. I made it for a dear sweet, charming young man in my life, for his 17th birthday. I now plan on making it for my dear, sweet, baby girl for her birthday in one short month. Her 1st! Onwards with this cake business.

Let go of your fear, revel in the fact that your search for the perfect cake is over and you can just get to the business of creating this masterpiece. I don’t have a fancy cake cutting wire (although that would be splendid), or probably half of the tools one could use to make this even more simple and uber profesh looking. The making part is what I’m referring to. Which is fine, because I don’t profess to be a food blog. Just a momma who believes in the inherent, magical virtues of a homemade birthday cake. Bar none.

This recipe is for all the moms who believe in that magic and appreciate the community on the internets that allows us to do so more often. Recipes, tips, inspiration, stories, support. It’s why I’m here. You are here for all that and some cake, too, right? 

A Family Affair

This. The pure and absolute joy of a toddler and their baby sister riding high on the fumes of summer. Sweet, hot, simple summer.

Seemingly made just for little ones.

Against the backdrop of a tree-lined sunset, where everything in it’s last waking moments is made to glow. Things look perfect in this light.

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