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Feature Friday: The Diverse Prowess of T. Nile

Being the wifey of a folkie has its benefits. Immeasurable in their direct association to the unique wonder that is Trevor, himself. A complicated, kind, funny, dark, charismatic, charming and sensitive man … but I’m not here to talk about all of that. I’m referring to all of the extras that I’ve gotten to reap from his direct connection to music in Canada. Born into an illustrious Canadian folk family, he is the son of an accomplised musician, gold record producer and deeply respected advocate/patron of the roots/folk music scene in Canada. Trev followed in his dad’s footsteps and as a result, has met and made many a friendship with other musicians on the scene.

Then there was that time BC (before children), when he was the Artistic Director for the Eaglewood Folk Festival. This is where we first began to work together as creatives on a big project. I suppose you could say EFF had a significant influence on how our relationship developed in those first early years together. Working and living together is not for the weak! Why am I giving you all of the back-story? Well, I’ve gotten a few questions from readers about how I know about or discover the talent that I feature here as a part of our “Feature Friday” series.

Well, it is in part, thanks thanks to Trevor. I have made some amazing friendships through him, in particular with other strong, creative women. The ladies, well, they like Trevor. Not in the way you might think! Well, yes … back in the day that way too. He did his fair share of camp-fire courting! That is, after all, how he reigned me in.

Which brings me to the particularly gorgeous and unreserved talents of T. Nile. An acoustic and electronic goddess, T.Nile comes from a lineage of one-man-bands starting with Jesse Fuller (wrote San Francisco Bay Blues) followed by her father, Dan The One Man Band. I fell in love with her luminescent vocals year ago, and when she started to combine usual her guitair, banjo, harmonica, kazoo with foot percussion, synth and electronics … HOT DAMN! It was like nothing I’d ever really heard before and immediately wanted more of. She began touring with her dad at the wee age of six so one could say she definitely has the chops and the experience to permit for such ballsy experimentation. Being quoted by Sarah Bauer of Exclaim Music as a, “banjo-plucking love-child of Beck and Lana Del Rey” … I couldn’t agree more. Her voice is sultry and strong. He lyrics and prose deep, throughful and spread throughout your atmosphere like honey.
So, without firther ado – I bring to you the avante-garde, west-coast folk roots meets EDM sonic stylings of T.Nile!

To Market, To Market…

So I’m nutters. It’s official. Most of you may have noticed that in lieu of the huge summer projects that I have on the go, that le petite reve has been put on hold until the fall. Big, huge, time-waffling projects. The most important one being, which I LOVE – my growing baby, my sweet WSL. The other biggie is that festival you’ve all heard me blather on about, the Eaglewood Folk Festival. I’m on the Board, I’m the Volunteer Coordinator to over 100 peeps, I fundraise, I design, I implement, I do, do, I do. It has been rewarding in many ways, but it’s time to move on and this will be my last year. I have a family now and a new business to get off the ground. Dreams to make reality. O yea, we were also on tour for most of the summer with the BSM and the band he slaps serious funky, sexy bass for, Digging Roots. It helps that they are family of the non-blood kind and that available internet and and king size beds for co-sleeping families were written into their Tech Riders. Ha, Ha.


Busy day! Y’know that Board I’m on for The Eaglewood Folk Festival, yeah? Today is a busy day for us in that world. Our volunteers are so very important and we love them, so we put on some sort of party for them annually pre-festival. This year it’s a Potluck/Barn Party on a gorgeous farm owned by two other EFF Board Members and home to their company, Living Landscapes. I’ve made two, vegan raw chocolate pies. More on that later…

Random Tangent

At times a gal could wonder – what it’s like to stay. Still. For longer than a day. Wonder then say, ‘Narrrrrrrr’. This life! It’s cuckoo, it’s well-travelled, it’s go.Go.Go. Go to where the love is. Where the friends and family are. Where the projects lay; the conversations burst to life, the work gets done and the inspiration happens. Where the huge smorgasbord meals are cooked with love, laughter and craziness (children, dogs, general ruckus) under foot. Where long drives, coffee,confessions, goodwill and winners await. 

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