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Voting: Nammy’s, APCMA’s & Toronto’s Mayor

Here’s a bit of shameless circulation. Perhaps you’ll all forgive me, this one – because you love music. It moves you. It inspires you. It makes you wanna shake your boot-ay. You respect and appreciate the hard work that goes into making a career out of art and want to support this beautiful family and their endeavors. But mostly, mostly because they are a solid, groove-alicious band deserving of the nom’s and even more so of the win. Please take a few to cast your votes!

APCMA’s: Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards

Please vote for Digging Roots in the BEST BLUES CD categetory, BEST DUO/ GROUP ✚ BEST MUSIC VIDEO!

To get a stronger appreciation of their songwriting process check it!

Now click on over here, to cast your votes with the NAMMY’s, (Native American Music Awards). The Diggers are in 4 categories: Duo/Group of the Year, Best Pop + Rock Recording, and Best Music Video.

Now that I’ve gotten that worthwhile share off my chest – I have one more thing to say.

Really Toronto??? Rrrrreaaaallllly? So things are not perfect in office. Are they ever? Can they ever be? Is this buffoon the answer? Oy. Vey. Unfortunately all the candidates are a joke, but none QUITE as bad as this loud-mouthed happy-hour. One of the worst electoral race’s I’ve been witness to yet. How we are about to get from bad to worse..

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