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Eating Paleo or Not: ‘Potato’ Leek Soup For Beginners and Sherry Lovers

recipe image Those with food restrictions causing them to eat a paleo or gout friendly diet that is. (The two of which aren’t like two peas in a pod.) Currently the largest divide in my life resides in the kitchen wherein I’ve been trying to warp my schedule constraints to fit double prep and avoiding double prep where I can. Being avid bone broth consumers in our household, you can bet we’ve undergone some discombobulation with the recent addition of Trev’s gout diagnosis. If you’er wondering why, I’ll get to that soon.

What does a family (me specifically) do when most of they eat revolves around organic and or/local free-range hormone free meat and fresh veggies and fruits? Minimal grains and carbs — when one of those family members is suddenly told to steer clear of meat (and booze and other things) and to fill the void with lots of grains and good carbs? (To be clear, I’m not strict about it. I truly believe that food is to be experienced, savoured and shared with loved ones. There are so many cuisines that I couldn’t have, share or introduce my kids to if I never, ever consumed grains, dairy or carbs again. Lets just say I am more than moderate about my intake.)

Turkey and Hemp Crock Pot Meatballs

Turkey Hemp Crock Pot Meatballs
Clearly the COOK-TIME for these is not 20 minutes (in case you were wondering why it falls under the 20 Minute Dinners category), but the prep-time is stellar. A bit less than 20 minutes if you’re on your game. So. Onwards with this toddler-friendly, paleo-ISH (100% paleo if you leave out the shredded, cheese) quick-prep week-night worthy meal. The crock-pot is my friend and during the busy days of back-to-school, it should be yours too. Eating healthy doesn’t always have to be time-consuming.

Prana Balls For Your Mouth

Prana Balls For Your Mouth

In looking at the past 3 recipes I’ve posted on here…it would seem that we have a chocolate situation going on. Which, spanning over the course of more than a few months, isn’t really a big deal. Soon…soon I shall get back to posting some savoury recipes too. In the meantime, let us get on with this horrid chocolate business. These suckers (in ball or bar form), are a great afternoon snack, source of protein and hit of energy! Toddler approved.


00 If I can make something healthy in keeping it still taste absolutely delicious, you bet I’m going to do it. Because why wouldn’t I? Since discovering that I’m dancing with the onset of diabetes (Genetically predisposed out the ying yang), I did a lot of research and discovered that no wheat, grains (therefore gluten), legumes, dairy or refined sugar for this girl would be a smart choice for me. A paleo diet all the way.  The paleo way of eating is the best kind of diet to manage/treat diabetes through treating food as medicine. It was hard at first and I still have my cravings and I ‘cheat’ a couple times a month — but for the most part I feel the best I have since, well…pretty much ever.

The added bonus is that we’ve been refined sugar-free for a couple years now, (again — there are still treats the kids consume now and then outside the home – we’re not zealots about it). I’ve always felt good about the food I dish up for my family and I’m in love with raw desserts these days. The least amount of time that the oven is turned on this summer — the better. BBQ grilling action and raw food/desserts all the way.

Abby and Wyndham are especially keen on helping me create deliciousness in the kitchen, as most kids are. As long as I do the leg-work and prep things up (pre-measure, etc.) it’s less ruckus/stress and more fun for all involved. One might call this type of activity a Montessori, practical life exercise. Or a Reggio Emilia style parenting activity or a Waldorf one. I’m trying to stay away from parenting labels of recent and just call everything we do together LIVING.

Living and parenting. Having fun. Including my kids in the everyday stuff that needs to be done and not treating them like obstacles that are in my way, slowing me down. Well, for the most part. It’s not like they are helping me make dinner every night. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

What did teaching one’s child to cook get called before all of these terms and labels came along anyways? All of this from a devout lover of the Montessori and Waldorf methods/teachings. So you’ll probably still find activities of these types down the road – but just to be clear, I dig it all…minus the pretentious bull-hooey that I find tends to happen within all of the labelling. Although there are a few whom I find incredibly inspiring, living and learning by what they are inspired by — what they feel connected to. Like my friend Meghan. You should check out her blog Milkweed Montessori. Great ideas and beautiful writing from mama of a toddler and aspiring Montessori teacher.

Another key component to our summer of eating many a raw dessert is our recent acquisition of a vitamix. Oh hells yes it’s worth it. A green smoothie made in a regular blender VS. a vitamix? Night and day in consistency and taste. That horsepower motor and top notch engineering makes all the difference. I’ve blasted through numerous blenders over the years and when the last one bit the dust, I knew our next one was going to be a cadillac. With all of the nut butters, smoothies, nut flours, sauces and raw desserts I’ve been getting into – the horsepower is necessary. If you’re just making daily smoothies — maybe not, but still. 

A smoothie made in a vitamix will always be smoother, creamier. Especially if you a nut and seed enthusiast. I put that shit in everything. Including our smoothies. There is no chewing through a vitamix smoothie and, no I am not getting paid to endorse the shizznit out of the vitamix, (but I should be). 

They really are just THAT good. 

So. When one has a vitamix, one blends avocado and ripe bananas and a bunch of other stuff with the best raw cacao and Mexican vanilla you can find to make pudding pops that would rival any of the white sugar, preservative and food coloured laden, powdered pudding variety. One might think that this is obvious from my description on the latter — but I know some peeps think that pre-fab desserts are the bomb diggs and that raw and/or paleo desserts are probably nasty. In truth, yes they sometimes can be. But once you embrace nut flours and do some of that preliminary experimentation, your mouth becomes a most willing participant and very happy body part.

This creamy pudding is versatile too. We love it chilled, as is or with fresh raspberries and mint tossed in. I can’t quite decipher if the kids like it better as the frozen pudding pops or pudding squeezee pouches. Not like they need to decide on one anyways, it’s all delicious. And all healthy. Get the recipe after the jump!


Guilt-Free (ish) I know. Looks pretty dang delicious, right? I saw a picture of these floating around Pinterest a long time ago and then a friend recently sent me the picture on Facebook again, reminding me that I really had to make these. I’m not sure of the source, but whoever created this wheel is a genius!

This no-bake, naturally sweetened chocolate treat is one that my youngest guy and I whipped up together this morning before school. That’s how easy these are. We made some to give out to his teachers (kid has three!), and to give to a couple neighbour friends of his that he goes to school with for V-Day. Perhaps you’re not in the mood to bake something special for today, but you still wanna give your little loves something a little extra special for dessert.

Perhaps you just want to eat these yourself, any old day of the week. These are the sort of edible love tokens that you can make to enjoy any-time in a matter of minutes. I like them better frozen, Trev and the kids like them cold out of the fridge. You decide and let me know!


Le Yum Here in the polar vortex, we’re willing to do just about anything reminiscent of summer. These fun, delicious cold rolls sort of do it for me. For a night at least. The biggest winning factor that these succulent, translucent delights hold for me, however, is how popular they are with the bottom feeders!

This meal has indeed been toddler approved. In that they love being presented with a wide array of finger-style foods to graze over. When I tried helping them (or making them) a roll, NO DICE. They weren’t having any of it.

So fine then. I’ll keep trying because we all know this action is delicious. In actual roll form. Until then, I’ll keep letting them clap their hands with glee and grab fistfuls of fresh veggies to stuff into their mouths. Wrap or no, that’s a win right there, whether they actually eat it in roll form or not, yes?



This crunchy little paste has the ability to turn boring white fish into something crispy (without all gluten and fat from breading and frying), and delectable.

Fresh fish is a long. distant memory from the summer this time of year and if it weren’t for our local Farmer’s Market (I’ll never stop singing the praises of buying local and seasonal as much as possible!) we probably wouldn’t eat much fish. We especially avoid fish coming in from China as much as possible which means eating a lot of white fish, mainly pickerel from Georgian Bay.

I’d imagine that this crust would taste just as yummy on tilapia or haddock. Wild tout and salmon too! So whatever you’ve got on hand, hook it up!


Naturally Sweetened Dark Chocolate Bark Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean the treats have to stop. Moderation and delicious, nourishing treats using natural sweeteners is what’s going to see this family through a lifetime of enjoying sweets and treats! I made a rather obscene amount of this bark for a NYE party, although it’s definitely something to be enjoyed any time, because DARK CHOCOLATE. SALTED dark chocolate. With PISTACHIOS and POMEGRANATE SEEDS. I mean, seriously.

You’re salivating right now, don’t lie. Chocolate and bacon…world renown salivating inducers. Which has me now thinking…would candied bacon bits work with this? HMMMMM…


Damn Good Guacamole

There are lots of ways to make guacamole. Simple or robust, I’m beginning to gather that people are very picky about their guacamole. I myself like my guac chock full of ingredients; layers of flavours. One bowl, one dip: guacamole and salsa, a mergence of flavours that we all know belong together anyways.

A good guacamole will captivate your tongue with it’s brazen, creamily textured delightfulness and immediately have you salivating for more. It will beg for a worthy vehicle and cry out for a (in the very least), premium glass of wine or beer. It is in fact, the quintessential, perfect party food.

Or a lunchtime addition. Or a toddler snack. As it is known to be these things and many more around these here parts.

How To: Good Ol’ Immunity Boosting Bone Broth

Bone broth where have you been all of my life and why haven’t I been making out with you on the regular? No matter. We’re together now and nothing can tear us apart. It’s you and I forever and like a good samaritan I shall share of your beneficial healing properties and pocket friendly ways like a good believer should. Glory be.

As my learning about food and treating food as medicine deepens, my knowledge base on the healing properties that come from different foods grows wide and strong. Old sayings about food and traditional recipes mean more to me now than just something fine on my tongue and satisfying in my soul and tummy.

Most of us have a had a mom or a grannie or an auntie prepare us chicken soup when we were sick. A recommendation that wasn’t built solely on the soothing feeling of that savoury warmth trickling down a sore throat. Chicken soup is more than just comfort food for the sick. The base, the broth that makes it all so wonderful is truly a medicine…

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